Social Networking sites like Friendster, Facebook, HI5, Okurt, Myspace and other social networking sites are more popular over the internet today based on the search trends from Google. You will see below the a graph of the searches made in the whole world for the said keyword. You will see how this social networking sites passed over porn from year 2007 up (if you will add up the search volume of all the social networking sites from different countries, it will be an overwhelming frequency of search against porn and sex keywords).

This shows that users spend more in social networking sites than adult sites. This mean that netrepreneurs or marketers right now should focus on this field rather than the other mentioned. Actually Bill Tancer made a study about this, analyzing information traffic of more than 10 million web users. Here’s an excerpt of his statement and analysis which can be read in full at

“As social networking traffic has increased, visits to porn sites have decreased,” said Tancer, indicated that the 18-24 year old age group particularly was searching less for porn.

“My theory is that young users spend so much time on social networks that they don’t have time to look at adult sites.” – Bill Tancer

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David@SEM Labs

Interesting finding. I would image Twitter is now kicking all those other terms into touch.