Problem with my SmartBro again!

This morning I want to check my email and post something on my blog but the problem is my connection is not working. My network, SmartBro, acquires an IP address but unable to browse or even connect to YM! I concluded that there’s another SmartBro problem going on so I called their *1888 hotline to […]

I don’t believe in December 21, 2012 Doom’s Day

Today, I did the the usual Entrecard dropping activities since I’m trying to increase the traffic of the website. I have passed by a certain blog that talks about the December 21, 2012 Doom’s Day. I forgot the URL already but I dropped immediately a comment about this. I said that I don’t believe to […]

1st Monthsarry!

Happy 1st Monthsarry to my website, weeh! It’s bee a month already since I have started this website and I’m really happy with how far this website have been. A lot of things that I have been made to this website to make it much more visible to search engines and readers all over the […]

How’s the Busby SEO Challenge going?

When I peeked on the leaderboard for the Busby SEO Challenge today from Busby’s leaderboard and on Google’s search result on the said keyword, the usual leaders were the same SEO masters who leads last month’s result. I don’t even see any Filipino entrants who reaches first page of the SERP. I don’t know if […]

When Nature Fights Back!

Last Saturday, I’ve been to Iloilo to enroll my masteral studies for MSCS course. I have seen how the province was hurt by the recent Typhoon Frank that hits them last June. Lot of houses were flattened to ground and some sugar plantation were flooded with mud and started dying. I also overheard from other […]