When Nature Fights Back!

Last Saturday, I’ve been to Iloilo to enroll my masteral studies for MSCS course. I have seen how the province was hurt by the recent Typhoon Frank that hits them last June. Lot of houses were flattened to ground and some sugar plantation were flooded with mud and started dying. I also overheard from other […]

No More Google Referrals

Google announces the retirement of Google Referrals this coming August 2008. Google decided to stop with their Adsense Referrals for AdWords advertiser products and Google products. Instead they will serve their clients with their Google Adsense for content and DoubleClick Performics Affiliate. If you are still using this feature of Google, you better replaced it […]

Mozilla’s Firefox 3 in Guinness

Every time I surf the internet, I always used the browser by Mozilla which is Firefox. When Firefox 3 was released, I am one of the million of people who downloaded it immediately and used it as my latest browser for my PC. I have recently read that due to this millions of downloads gain […]

Really Busy!

I did not make any posts for the past few days because I was so busy with my work. My schedules right now are overloaded. My “boss” gave me a lot of schedules for the current year and so I have little time to search for things to post over this blog. I can’t even […]