De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao

Latest update: Pacquiao successfully beaten De La Hoya!

Congratulation Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao!

This morning when I’ve heard the interview of Manny Pacquiao regarding his next fight, I was very shocked when he confirmed that he might fight “The Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya. He said that he can increase his weight up to 140 pounds so he can boxed with De La Hoya. I see De La Hoya’s built and he is too big for Pacman and I don’t know if Manny can reach the same built.

A lot of opinions are buzzing around our place saying that this fight might be the last fight for Pacquiao for he will be surely knocked down by “Golden Boy” and others are saying that this fight will be the graceful exit of De La Hoya on the boxing world. Pacquiao is really trying to reach his maximum limit and the decisions to this fight is still on negotiations.

Aside from that, Manny Pacquiao officially announced his political plans for the election 2010. Oh man, I don’t know what to say. Honestly, I don’t like the idea of Pacquiao to enter politics. I think this politics will surely “destroy” him and I hope Pacquiao will not allow himself to be eaten alive by dirty politicians that will surely surround and “solicit” from him.

Update (August 14, 2008). Today, Pacquiao decided not to continue with De La Hoya dream fight which was last planned to be held this December. It is because Pacquiao and De La Hoya did not agree with the 30-70 income distribution. I thought the dream fight will be materialized but I was wrong!

As of today (August 28). Pacquaio vs. Dela Hoya fight deal is done. It seems that Pacquiao agreed with the offer of the Golden promotion. Let just see what will happen with this fight. I am excited already!

11/22/2008. I found this behind the scenes video of the preparation of the said dream fight. You could view the said Pacquiao vs Dela Hoya Boxing Special Episode here. (it seems the link is not working already so I will look for sites with this video)

11/25/2008. In my search for the replacement video that I mentioned on the previous date, I found this virtual fight between Pacquiao and De la Hoya. So if you are really so excited to watch the Pacquiao – De la Hoya dream fight, you could view this one and see who might win the upcoming dream fight. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. kenot

    i think , de la Hoya didnt get his original movement, or his same gestures as before, bcoz, he already loosen his weight,and i think that was the same as what Morales happened, after he fought pacman.. however, i believe that pacman has his speed, that anyone boxer couldnt get his agility, and his movement.. i can assure that Mayweather-Pacquiao is the REAL Dream-Match!

  2. Nelo

    Pacquiao is too strong for Dela hoya

    i just noticed that Dela hoya didnt even clinch on the round 8th, he really wants to taste it ๐Ÿ™‚

    …Hatton get ready!

  3. @johnny, the golden boy just can’t handle the punches of Pacquiao. From the start of the round De La Hoya seems to be very slow and can’t see how punches of Pacquiao falls on his face. His really too old for this, I over estimated De La Hoya. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. johnny

    dela hoya’s dream match becomes nigthmare match..he cant even throw punches to pacquiao even he is bigger and has longer reach than pacquiao. and surrendered in 9th round..big shame for dela hoya

  5. Manny Pacquiao will win this fight if he will bring his belief with Jesus Christ above the ring. This fight is not comparing by physical, techniques, by ages, and determination to win. But for Manny this fight was the greatest challenge with him to fight between money and believing Jesus Christ to defeat anyone in the ring. If Manny will always have a big heart and generous to the poor filipino people, thanksgiving to the God, and believing that wealth was not took by his own hands of dreaming it to have but by believing God that he has everything to owned right now because of his sincerety, loving and generous person with his neighbor, for filipino people and country philippines.

    Beleived it or not this fight is like somewhere else David and Golaith. This fight is all for Manny if he will purely embraces and praises God. I am sure Dela Hoya will see what was the big different from him and all the boxers in the world compared by faithful man who hearthly beleived with Jesus Christ MANNY “PACMAN” PACQUIAO”.

    Please don’t forget to watch with your two eyes once upon Manny inside the ring he will kiss his two hands and leaf-up his hands above and bring his eyes up in heaven and nailed down the corner, that means Manny will win.

    MABUHAY ANG FILIPINO and GOD will bless this fight.

    Your brother beleiving Jesus Christ, Thank you.

  6. aljr

    go go pacman!!!!kami d2 sa milan italy pray na sana manalo ka..kaya mo yan

  7. edward

    si manny ang mannalo sa laban na ito dahil sya ay mbilis maliksi at malakas na kulang nman sa matandang dela hoya

  8. romeo

    i hope manny wins this fight it will be great if he does.

  9. Mayweather, Floyd Jr.

    I want my friend pacman pacquiao will win the fight so next year i will challenge him for my comeback for pound 4 pound vs pound 4 pound.

  10. height doesn’t matter. as long as two fighters have the same weight, the only things that would matter are speed and skill.

  11. nicronomiconian

    im sure manny will win…!!!..Com’on manny show the world that Filipinos are Small But terrible Warriors of the universe…Break that jaw of dela hoya!!..Mabuhay ang Pilipino…..

  12. sundot kulangot

    MANNY MATTERS! its all about the MANNY! End stage n ng carrer ni dela hoya, bdaf yan, namemera n lng yan. Mabuhay ang PINAS!

  13. sundot kulangot

    Bakla yan si dela hoya, namemera n lang yan, si packman nasa peak ng kanyang career so 90-95% ang chance nya na manalo, pero ingat lang sya, si pwede syang madaya s laban n to. Feeling ko bka maging trilogy din, sympre pera-pera lang yan. Pero definitely Pacquiao will win…. MANNY MATTERS…its all about the MANNY baby! MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!

  14. momonja2009

    para na akong asong ulol sa kakahintay sa laban ni pakyaw naglalaway na ako, sana komonekta agad ang mga suntok nya i will pray for you kabayan ” para sayo ang laban na to go pinoy boxing hero

  15. shakes

    manny will definitely beat oscar.. first of all, manny has speed and power. yes, he is gaining weight for the division which will make him slower, but oscar needs to lose weight as well, which will dehydrate him just like what happened to erik morales. now, manny gaining weight means more muscle which means more force in his punches and oscar losing weight means he will become more vulnerable. plus the fact that manny can adapt to weight classes very well. just imagine a short, speedy, power puncher brawl it out with a tall, dehydrated, not-fast-enough power puncher. i can see that manny will go for the body, specially the stomach area until oscar cant breathe anymore…. probably the 11th round…. but, that’s just me.. no offense for oscar fans..

  16. that is why I will not let this event pass my way. I will definitely watch Pacquiao beat the hell out of De La Hoya. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. eustiquio_rocamora

    I’m an avid fan of boxing . I am confident that Manny can do it, knock down in the sixth round and knock out at the ninth. This bout can’t reach the distance of 12 rounds.

  18. MARXUZ

    if manny will win the bout
    the people will say that, it’s bcoz of power and agility.
    but if dela hoya will win,
    many will say that its bcoz manny respects dela hoya
    and manny gave him a good last bout of his career…

    bahala nah, basta ako manny will win.
    manny is a “boxing legend killer”

    God Bless U Manny,
    God Bless the Philippines.

  19. warfreak

    i think pacman will win in this fight with dela hoya, with his good shape now i know he can handle it and prove to whole world, he is the best!!! Manny so powerful now, “kya mo yan Manny suportado ka namin mga Pinoy”…Goodluck and Godbless

  20. dominique

    I go for manny but I don’t think he will survive to the punch of the golden boy:( They are the man.

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  22. @Javen, check on your blog and its pretty nice. I agree its a dream match but I am really afraid of the safety of our “kababayan” Pacquiao. Even he might win but the injuries that he might get from this fight could be very dangerous for his health. I hope not!

  23. This gonna be a history in the making that’s why I make my own blog for it… I can’t help myself just to watch.. this is really the dream match…

  24. @Francis M., LOL! if its Starcraft punches will be swarming like the Zergs but still the winner of the “campaign” is unknown. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Francis M.

    Power Overwhelming. Maybe Pacman is thinking that he can press enter and type power overwhelming.

  26. rpaekigs_sal

    manny’s fight against dela hoya would still just like an unanswered question, as manny confirm that it would be so as what he decided before, i do believing that many can box the giant dela hoya and knock him down matted with a precious retirement papers for dela hoya…
    one thing i can challenge to those who opposed to this match:
    1. did you tried before how heavy the right hand punch of pacquiao which knocked the champ diaz?
    2. do you think that left hand of manny remain heavier than 140pd?
    3. taste the right hand punch of manny before do some comment.

  27. @ed, I agree and I fear for Pacquiao’s life. I am feeling that this fight is really dangerous for him. Let just hope for the best.

  28. ed

    i’m a filipino and supports manny in his fights. but this is a mismatch.
    if dela hoya will be able to knock out pacquaio, this will be the start of the end of his career. he will also start to feel the parkinsons disease (is it right, like the one mohammad ali has) and the money he will get from that fight will not be enough and worth it.

  29. kate

    go.. manny i know that u win this game

  30. @erdie, that’s the reason why I am so excited w/ the fight. I don’t know what will happen 2 Pacman & De La Hoya. Still my bet is on Pacquiao! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. i think pacman want to take the chance to fight the biggest name in boxing in our tym.who knows if he can knockout dela hoya i think that this is the biggest achievement he will ever done..but if he failed i think he will look forward to fight again and again.. to dela hoya he think he can beat pacman to regain his fame..

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