Yesterday, I’m really tired with my trip from Iloilo and I’m really sleepy so I was not able to write any article for my blog. The other day I already started configuring my new blogs for my entry on the Busby SEO Challenge and at the same time I started to make available the information of our Capiz Ches Association, Inc. website.

Busby SEO Challenge

My Busby SEO Challenge blog can be found at I did not put it in a sub-domain because I’m planning to make a shortcut redirection URL for this address. I already selected the design for the said blog and uses the latest stable version of WordPress which is 2.6 plus some SEO plugins.

Capiz Chess Assocation, Inc.

Regarding the Capiz Chess Association, Inc., it can be found at Same plan, I will register for a shortcut redirection URL for the said address. I already finished posting the article about the History of our chess organization and I’m trying to update it today.

So if you wishes to know more about this two new blogs, simply visit the site and feel free to leave your comments.

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14 years ago

your blog is getting better )