Today, I watched the music video of Sandwich (a local band from Philippines) entitled “Betamax”. It shows some of the things that Filipinos were doing during the past when internet, MTV, iPod, MP3, CD and DVD were not available yet and the popular video device that is only available was the portable “Betamax”. The music video shows how things have changed in technology today.

I really like the video because it shows some of the children games I’m playing during my childhood. I really miss those days. Here are some of the Filipino children games we are playing when I was young that are included on the music video:

  1. Tumbang Preso. A game that uses a slipper to hit a tin can.
  2. Syato. Uses two sticks to play.
  3. Piko. Uses “pamato” to play. It is a stone usually flat and thrown to a drawn house like image. Then step on every boxes without hitting the line.
  4. Chinese Garter. Uses rubber bands and the players jumps over the rubber band.
  5. Teks. The classical card games.
  6. Trumpo. A battle of tops pinoy style.
  7. Nanay Tatay. Mother Father game 😀
  8. Patintero. It’s like a tag game but in a limited area.
  9. Luksong Baka. A game that jumps over a player.
  10. Sipa. Kick game.

(sorry for the translation of the games to english, I’m not that good in translating. If you have a better translation of this games, just leave your comments :D)

Today, these games were almost forgotten by new generation children. It is because children are more interested in playing computer games rather than this original Filipino games. I hope this games will be continued to introduce in schools so our students will not forget this traditional games and be transferred to next generation of children. Mabuhay!

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15 years ago

I like that song. The first time I saw them perform it was on Eat Bulaga!

Anyway, DVD is going out of style also. Technology sometimes annoys me because new versions come out monthly now. Fortunately, I’m able to control myself, otherwise I’d be broke.