Here’s my new avatar for my website. It’s not yet done but I’m already excited with it so I posted it immediately after I modify it a little. This was drawn by Joselito Canlas, a friend and student of mine. He’s really a talented guy and he uses MS Paintbrush to draw this avatar. I edit it using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to add colors and effects on the avatar. I know the color combination is not that good. It’s because I’m not an artist! I can’t see the right color combination to suit the avatar’s look. I actually want to use the original illustration of Joselito which is black and white but I’m not contented with a simple dull look of a b&w avatar.

This avatar started when I asked him to draw me a wacky cartoon that is suited to my personality. Since he always see me drinking coffee, he draws the avatar with shades that drinks coffee which I really like. I actually told him that I’m planning to make my own wordpress theme out of this. This is my own avatar and if you like to have your own custom made avatar, well you can simply contact me and I’ll asked him about his “service charges” for this art work. Don’t worry I’ll ask for a discount! 😀

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14 years ago

hehe. you still remember that huh? I rarely draw now though. Too busy with work and blogging. lol. I’ll try my hands on an avatar too. My hands itching now. hehe.

Good job bleuken! Yeah joselito’s pretty good with cartoons. Good job to you both!

14 years ago

You know SirShatterStar is also a good artist. He liked drawing way back when we were in high school 🙂 and I’m pretty sure he still does.