Malware that Hijacks Google & Adsense

Today I’ve checked my blog on Blogger at school and kind of annoyed on the slow loading of the website. I thought the problem was with the PLDT DSL connection again but when I see a different image on the Google Adsense, I suspected that there’s a virus or malware on the PC that I’m […]

Yahoo and Microsoft?

Today, I’ve checked the traffic of my website and seen how Yahoo! helps me with the traffic (of course 2nd only to Google). Almost all the referrers for this website came from Yahoo’s search result pages and I’m really thankful that my site started to become more visible on the net. Because of this “slurping […]

Roads to Success

(This post will not discuss about the different roads I will take to become successful with the Busby SEO Challenge 2008. If you want to read more about this SEO challenge, visit my anime blog @ [Busby Seo Challenge | Anime, TV Series & Movies Quotes]) Today, I’m really tired with the trip I […]

Junkie Spam Mail

I have received another junkie spam mail on my Hotmail account asking for my password and other confidential information. People like this are not really stopping from this very unconvincingly scam to get inside emails. My guess is that it happen because I used my email address for the Busby SEO Challenge and participated in […]

Uzzap from Smart

Smart Communications released the Philippines first ever mobile all-in-one messages services named “UZZAP.” As according to the press release of Smart: Uzzap is an Internet protocol (IP)-based, downloadable application which allows users to merge several messaging services such as SMS, instant messaging, and email into their mobile phone. Aside from integrating these services, Smart Buddy […]