OpenSuse 10.3 and Marvell Yukon LAN Card

Today I managed to configure our new Pentium IV FSB 1333MHz LGA 775 Core 2 Duo CPU with Marvell Yukon Chipset SysKonnect SK-98-XX ethernet card as the internet server for our school with at least 100 computers. I use the operating system OpenSuse 10.3 for the said purpose. The problem i encountered when I was […]

Free Stuff from Microsoft

The advantage of having a license operating system from Microsoft is that you can avail of the free downloadable stuff from their website. I have here a list of some those free tools and other free stuff you can download and install on your PCs. Windows Defender. A free program that helps you protect your […]

Busby SEO Challenge FAQs

Yesterday, I really have a bad day! My white shirt got dirt while I’m driving with my motor bike then lost two games out of four badly in a chess tournament. Now today, I have a bad stomach maybe due to the “Ginata-ang Mongo” (Mungbean with Coconut Milk) that we ate last night. I almost […]

Google Dancing

Yesterday, I’ve checked the search result of for the key phrase “busby seo challenge” and Pogung was leading but now a different website have taken its position on number one. Another SEO master who is very determined to win (as based on his blog posts about Busby SEO Challenge), really started to tighten his […]

Pogung177 Takes Rank 1 at Busby SEO Challenge

When I check the Busby SEO Challenge Leaderboard today, I found out that Sphereteam were oust by Pogung177 on rank number one of the Google SERP. So I check on the site of Pogung177 and kind to like the guy’s posts and opinion about the current SEO challenge. He discusses how busby seo challenge participants […]