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Updated (January 19, 2011): Recently, I changed my internet connection to PLDT DSL in our province from Smart Bro. I really find it fast compared to the wireless connection but I also experienced a certain problem from DSL which I don’t know if it is just a coincident or what. I always lost my connection on PLDT DSL after midnight and it only resumes early before 7 in the morning. I already experienced it twice and I don’t know if they have technical problems or it is just what it is. I don’t want to call their 171 customer care yet to report this incident but I am planning to if I will experience the same thing more later.

Now in my search for solution or fix for this problem on the web (using my SmartBro – I believe that it only needs some tweak on the DNS of the connection settings), I found this post from NonThoughts blog enumerating a list of different valid DNS servers that is working with PLDT.

Here are the numbers listed by the said blog post and I use the first 4 numbers on the list and my connection on PLDT did came back.

Update: I added Google DNS and OpenDNS which are the numbers that I am using right now. It speed up the loading of the websites.

Google DNS (recommended)

OpenDNS (secure DNS with filtering options, go to and customize your setting):


You might ask how you will specify this DNS on your connection. The following video shows how to change your DNS to use the listed numbers.

This text will be replaced

If you find any problem with your PLDT DSL connection, leave your comment here and share your thoughts, tips, tweaks or fix that have done to deal with this problem. PLDT DSL users will be very glad to read some good tips from you.


  1. dods

    ang problem kong palaging ma-encounter is yung mawala ang internet connection ko kapag umulan na, at saka during evening time at around 9pm. onwards. please help to rectify this problem. You know nagbabayad tayo nang tama ang services hindi…upset

    1. Felix

      I experienced the same, a few months ago. What I did is report this issue to 172 (PLDT’s hotline for issues like this). I did this for a couple times and even ask them if this is really normal, “na nawawala ang internet kapag umuulan” and they told me na “dapat hindi” and they will file a report regarding this. Naresolve naman, problema naman brown out 🙂

  2. delmas

    i have speed problem. my connection is 1.5mb but it is down to .56mb now.. i have this problem like 7 days now. help pls..

  3. may problema ako sa internet connectio since nag apply ako until now hindi na nila ako na site visit for the connection of DSL pa ulit ulit lng ung mga sinasabe nila they were always getting the address, contact number, pangalan samantalang i have given them the the papers and my information…….GAYAN BA CLA SA MGA CUSTUMERS NILA AND THEN THEY WERe , advertising that they good but actually they are very very very stupid and very unprofessional…… sa mga nakaka basa nito and if my concern kau about this problem SPREAD THIS ………….

  4. mars

    i have probs with my connection..i always disconnect 10 times an hour..its happened 3 weeks ago.i always call 172 regarding this problem but sadly to say no PLDT personel check my so dissapointed..

    1. PRIME

      i also have problem with PLDT every 5mins my connection get lost..i called 172 and technician came..but he said that theres no prob. on my connection..after technician checked my net i tried to use it for me to test but still the same sucks..i think PLDT fooling us..we paid our bills but they dont give what we are paying for..

  5. luisvirgil

    Windows 7 keeps indicating that the DNS is incorrect no matter which number I

    1. Felix

      Make sure that you’re setting the IPv4 and not the IPv6 setting. If you are using IPv6, try this Google Public DNS IPv6 version of the dns:


  6. Gian

    Will try sir thank you.

  7. I will try this one and will see if this one has effect on my agony about the connection we are having with our PLDT DSL. Thanks Bleuken!

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