Bleuken on BlueHost
Bleuken on BlueHost
I have mentioned on my oes tsetnoc post (my other oes tsetnoc blog on this space), that I will be leaving HostGator and will be transferring to a new home and that is BlueHost (yes i.e. an affiliate link, click on it if you want to sign-up for a new hosting account at BlueHost). I know the payment scheme of BlueHost doesn’t have a monthly payment so I prepared the amount this month so that I could proceed with the transfer. Why I made decision in transferring my site to a new host? and Why BlueHost?

I like HostGator’s customer service. I am actually still hosting some of my websites. What I don’t  is when my site became inaccessible specially if the traffic kicks in unexpectedly due to some instances that I can’t control. I experienced it twice or more on HostGator, any time that there’s  a special event and it hits my posts then traffic comes, it causes my site to generate a 403 (Forbidden Error) or 500 (Internal Server Error) inaccessible error. Imagine on the peak of the traffic which I think not good for my site. I know I am in shared mode and its one of the limitation that I think normal to the price that I paid but I found this offer from BlueHost enticing dealing with the CPU overload which is the cause of my site’s downtime. They say that they’ve developed a certain module that will deal with this kind of problem and will avoid such inaccessible problems.

This triggers me to decide to take my chances on BlueHost. The trouble that I have just experienced is the transferring of data. But that’s the always that I am encountering whenever I made a transfer. I also encountered some stuff such as reconfiguring the PHP.INI to increase the memory to use in executing scripts and other stuff.

In conclusion, I am on the first phase of the BlueHost and checking my site for some 404 (Not found error) and later I will just share with you my experience with BlueHost if I found some issues about it.

How about you do you have any experience with BlueHost or HostGator? Share it with us by leaving comments below. We love to read your experiences.

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12 years ago


I’m thinking of doing the same thing. Is it hard to do? Are there any instructions out there that would help me?


12 years ago

hi there,

i was planning to move to bluehost also.. actually i was looking for a review of bluehost against hostgator.. haha..