I’ve been waiting for the ICS update of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and recent news reveals that it will be coming this March 15 as the Q1 promise by Samsung. But this news was revealed by Samsung Israel on their Facebook page. Here’s the said message from the page:

We promised that we’re working on it. You waited patiently. On 15 March it comes: the Android version 4, ICS, tens of thousands of device purchased Galaxy S2 cellular companies in the country directly from us. We here are very excited for the launch, hope you enjoy it.

But it is not clear if this update will be available worldwide but it is sure that once the ICS update drops on their website, it will surely be available and ready to be installed on our S2 units.

I hope that this Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update will be available here in the Philippines. I’m excited already with the new Android on my phone. There’s an unofficial release of the ICS but I will still wait patiently for the official one. I’m afraid that I might break the phone if I made a slight mistake so its better to wait patiently. It’s couple of days from now so just humming the phrase “patience is a virtue.”

By the way, for Samsung Galaxy Tab user, sorry to say this but don’t expect ICS update for your gadget for  Samsung said that they will not release ICS updates for their Galaxy Tab.

Update: Samsung Philippines announced the coming of latest Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich to international edition of S2 by March 10. Read my recent post about it for details.

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