I just recently read the news that Samsung will be releasing a much bigger galaxy tab that will run under Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS on dual core processor. This tab will be called as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is much bigger than the previous 7″ tab. It will be a 10.1 inch tab that will surely compete with the current iPad.

You might want to check out its technical specifications below:

OS: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
Display: 10.1″ 1280×800 (WXGA) TFT
Processor: 1GHz Dual Core Tegra 2 processor
Camera: 8.0 MP Camera with LED Flash and 2.0 MP Front Camera
Video: 1080p FullHD Video @ 30fps Playback, 1080p FullHD Video @ 24fps Recording
Format: MPEG4/H263/H264
connectivity: Bluetooth, USB 2.0, Wifi
Memory: 16Gb/32Gb
Dimension: 246.2 x 170.4 x 10.99mm (9.7 x 6.71 x 0.43)
Weight: 599 grams (21.13 oz)
Battery Life: Estimated 6 hours (I’m not sure ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Philippines?

Here’s a video from CNET showing a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1:

It is reported that this gadget will be distributed in Asia and Europe in March 2011 so those who wants to grab this one here in the Philippines, you just need to wait a couple of weeks and it might be here in the country. For the price well, I have a feeling that it will be much cheaper than iPad and not that expensive compared to Motorola Xoom. For the carrier, I believe it will be Smart Communications because, they are the current carrier in the country that offers Samsung Galaxy Tab on their Smart Gold plans.

Now I am wondering what will be the response of Apple regarding these tablet releases this year? What do you think?

Update: Samsung announces two version of the Samsung tab – 10.1 and 8.9 during their press conference in Orlando, Florida and they are both 0.33 inch thick which is much thinner than iPad 2. However, this will be available in the US beginning in June. Meanwhile the original 0.43 inch thick Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (now known as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V) will still be ship in Asia as they schedule it but if I were you, I’ll just wait for the thinner tabs.

Update #2: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 can be pre-ordered now at Smart and free for Plan 2500 with unlimited data plans plus a Samsung Corby II.


  1. There are 2 versions of the 10.1 tab: wifi only and wifi+3G
    So which one is worth Php26K+? I got my 3G+Wifi version 2 months ago dito sa saudi worth Php27K when converted to Pesos.

  2. danz

    gagana kaya internet neto or makakasurf ba sa net via 2G network? di kasi abot ng 3G dito samin.. kaya bumili ako last year ng nokia n900 since puede syang gamitin pang internet using 2G.. at medyo nagsasawa nako, gusto ko ng palitan ng samsung tab, yon kung nakakanet using 2G..

  3. emmerich

    may nakita narin ako nito sa sm annex (cyber zone) kaso nung nag tanong ako hindi pa available next month pa daw yung price 26K-29K

    1. ALAMAT

      ilang gig?…pwede mas ok pa specs nito sa iPad2

  4. lester

    i saw galaxy tab 10.1 @SM sta rosa .,. i really love it ., want to have 1 soon .,.

    1. WizKid

      I saw one at SM davao citt.. meron na silang dummy kaso wala pa sa kanila yung product.. Galaxy tab 10.1… nagtaka ako bakit napakamura nun compared sa previous version nya na 7″.. you wanna know how much 10.1 is?
      di ko alam kung promo or introductory price nila yon, P7,500… babalik nga ako today to check if same pa rin ang price.. kasi im willing to pay in advance kahit wala pa ung product.. baka kasi magbago pa ang price ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Benjie

        hahahahahaha….. P7500 is the product code….

        1. kikoman

          hahaha agree code nga po un ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. jieben

    It’s 26,900 for cash and 28 thou for charge..

  6. junix

    So how much is it in smart if I want to buy it without any bundled plan..?

    i hope it is not lock to smart simcards?

    1. @junix, I think they will only offer it with the plan. Check Samsung Mobile Centers now, they might have the device already.

  7. aries

    i want that..can u give it to me free…birthday present..plsssss

  8. Prima

    “I am wondering if you can call or sms using Samsung galaxy 10.1 just like a normal mobile phone? Please enlighten me.” Coz I would love to have a couple of them if ever… 1 for hubby and me. Will be a good Christmas present.

  9. gio

    im so f*cking excited to buy dat samsung galaxy tab 10.1 according to some blogs galaxy 2 release in singapore is june 8 but until now theres no official release here in asia. might buy ipad2 instead in singapore next month…samsung philippines doesnt have any idea also wen dis galaxy tab2 release…

  10. Ryan

    SMART telecom will carry Galaxy Tab 10.1 i saw it at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    1. Yau

      does it use an ordinary sized sim or a micro sim?

      1. @Yau, I think Apple iPad uses microsim. I don’t think the Samsung tab will use it.

  11. Blu

    Hi, I want to know if this is like the same the 1st samsung galaxy tab with phone call and sms capability? it is this phone tab rocks! Can’t wait to have this then. cheers!

  12. Aitken

    I actually have a macbook aluminum and I am an Apple fan. But I am planning to get the Galaxy Tab for my phone. Know why? Because there are programs that are .exe files that cannot be installed on my mac that i can install on the Galaxy Tab which I need for my work. So I think this device is great. My only issue with the Galaxy Tab 7″ is the 3 mp camera. My N82 is already 5mp. I dont want to downgrade to anything lower than 5mp. HD video recording would be the way to go.

  13. shaneth aquino

    how much is this tablet pc cost?..

  14. Rey

    Hello everyone!
    I have not seen this item in Philippines yet…
    How much does it cost and when it will be available here in Ph……
    hahaha i heard Apple sued Samsung coz it has same features and everything…hahaha i don’t care although i am a fan of Apple…Apple just want to earn more and more money from customers…It’s just we are buying the name..hehehehe
    Thanks Guys!

  15. Gsmarena

    Hey Guyz!! Sorry to tell you all but the thinner one have lower specs compared to the 10.1v! The 10.1v will feature an 8MP w. LED Flash and 1080p Full HD video recording @ 30 fps while the thinner ones will feature a 3MP w. LED Flash and 720p HD Video Recording @ 30 fps.. So I guess this one is still a better choice!

  16. waaahsabi

    Hey Bleuken,

    now that march has passed, have you seen or heard any news regarding release date in phil? Gonna be there in June, and i’d really like to get one. I heard they’ll release that in June in the US, but no info on EU or Asia that i could find. You know anything?

  17. joseph..

    how much it cost???
    it is available in the PHILIPPINES,,,

  18. I have the 7.0, do you think I should sell this and buy the new 8.9 or 10.1? 3g/edge is a requirement. Camera is not the deciding factor. What do you think?

    1. I think 8.9/10.1 is much better than 7.0 when it comes to processor, OS, camera, and dimension but I will still wait for the 0.33 inch thick Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which they might ship in the country later this year but we might see the original 10.1 design which is much thicker than what they’ve announced last March 22.

  19. Jason

    hello,is there any update about the exact date of launching of galaxy tab 10.1, coz im kinda excited to buy already! hope they can make it before the end of March

    1. @Jason, actually me too. I am still waiting for the result of the March 22 Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 in Orlando Florida and check if what they will unveil during the event. If it will be delayed then we shall expect it later on April or May.

      1. Jason

        @bleuken, oh god, can’t wait another month for it…what do you think? shall i buy the galaxy tab P1000 already or i shall wait again for the 10.1 which is better when it comes to its specs, etc.

        1. @Jason, If given a chance and didn’t got the 7.0, I’ll be patient and wait for 10.1 – the newest version with 0.33 thickness but it might be here in the country by late quarter of the year. However the other old version 10.1v might be here before May or mid year but the newest spec is much better than 10.1v so I will recommend you (if you can’t still bear it) to wait … ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Rey

      Actually it was launched yesterday in Makati Mall..I guess glorietta! Im so much excited nung April pa ako naghintay! may stock na sa USA and Saudi…heheheh nagpapabili ako today sa Saudi which is cheaper compare to Philippine price..I love the 10.1!!! so excited to use it….

  20. raul

    how much is that?

    1. rom

      according to reports, samsung is reconsidering the price of the galaxy tab 10.1 in light of the ipad 2 launch…..guess we need to hold off our money first and wait for the official pricing!

      1. @rom, but according to news they will not delay the shipping and it is expected that the device will be in Asia as scheduled but no official pricing yet. I think iPad 2’s thickness and 10 hour battery life makes it more attractive to some tab users but I’ll go for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ‘coz I think it got richer features compared to the new iPad – from camera, to OS to processor.

  21. wax

    hello sir,

    Ill be heading to HK around March, you think the galaxy tab2 will already be available there? and for how much? at least an estimate?


    1. I think tab 2 will be available later on March in Asia but not really sure. If you did find, let me know.

  22. Rom

    hi, sir!

    does the tab 10.1 have phone capabilities (phone calls, sms) as the tab 1? i read from some sites that it doesn’t. is it confirmed?

    if i understand correctly, the data plan of smart has free calls and SMS with it. if smart will carry the 10.1, then it’s for SOLELY data plan and no more free calls and SMS?


    1. There’s no official statement from Smart about that but if I’ll based it on their current data plans with the tab 7.0 then i think there will free calls and SMS too. I think 10.1 got phone and sms capability too.

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