I usually watch the replay of every Manny Pacquiao‘s fight and sometimes only heard from radio the live result which is usually broadcast by a station in our place. That is why whenever I watch his fight, I already knew who will win the match right before the replay ends. I hate that feeling that the excitement were all gone specially when my neighbors were already shouting about his victory. That’s the reason why this coming fight of Pacman, I search for means to watch the said fight live this coming May 3, 2009.

Here are the following options that I can do (and others can do too) to watch this once in a lifetime boxing event:

  1. Pay per View. I can get a subscription from our Cable TV provider for a fee.
  2. Movie Theaters. There is one movie house here that offers a live coverage of the game for a small fee. I like the idea but I don’t want to leave the house this day because I need to monitor something on the fight day.
  3. Free Coverage in Capiz Gym. I think the provincial government of Capiz is offering a free showing of the said fight. It will surely be swarmed by Pacquiao vs Hatton fans and I can’t afford to insert myself to this big crowd.
  4. Live Online Streaming. I found a site for this here: Watch Pacquiao vs Hatton Match live site and I might be watching it this way but my problem is that my current broadband connection might not able to handle the bandwidth requirement of this streaming. I’m just hoping that it can, if not then I might watch the replay again.

How about you, where you will watch the Pacquiao vs Hatton match?

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