lg-arena-km900-philippinesLast year, my target phone was iPhone 3G but later when it became available in the Philippines, I wasn’t able to buy one. Not because I can’t afford to buy it but because I don’t want to. Something change my mind and since its not necessary for me to have a new phone because I still have my N73, I decided not to buy yet. But this seems to change, when I read one review from a news website today regarding a new touch phone from LG called LG Arena KM900, I am thinking now to have this new phone when it becomes available in the country. Actually I have mentioned on one of my blog about my plan of having  a new LG phone called LG Cookie (KP500) the other month but changed my mind when I found out that the unit is not 3G enabled. That’s why when I see the spec of this new touch phone that was released at UK last April 1, I am now feeling to buy it but I think it is not yet available here.

Now here are the specification and features of this touch phone from LG that convinced me to buy one:

  • Touch Screen in 3D S-Class UI
  • 480×800 pixels in 3 inches display
  • 2G/3G (HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps) enabled
  • Wifi Enabled
  • Weight: 105g
  • 8Gb internal memory
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • TV-Out
  • With Bluetooth and USB
  • FM Radio

I will try to buy this one this year if in case it will be available in the Philippines. My estimate price for LG Arena KM900 in the Philippines based on its features is about P30,000 to P40,000.


According to one of my readers, LG Arena KM900 will be available in the Philippines this coming June. (and I hope they will send me an evaluation copy of the unit 🙂 )


  1. is it available now?

    i just want this because of the korean endorser.

    but it rival, samsung jet is a lot better!

    the price of jet is 18-20k pesos..

    ill get it when i have enough money! ^^

  2. Lanz Andrei

    hello everyone… i relly like the LG arena.. i browsed a lot of site to know more about its functionality.. there are some bad comments about this phone and some good.. i think i really like this phone a lot and i will be buying it on sept. 1. see yah

  3. EmMaNn

    I have this phone for 2weeks now… rating is 6/10… multi touch experience is amazing and the S-class interface is good. speaker is not that good but if u wud like to experience the dolby sound, better use the head phone.

  4. chamille

    im having a hard time looking for a nice fone wherein i could install skype/yahoo and im not that interested with iphone.. umm.. just wondering if id be able to contact/call my bf in the states for free, if both of our phones have skype or ym..


  5. G

    I bought the Arena today. Price range is very cheap – 24-26K (depends on the store and the mode of payment). I’m very impressed with the interface and the easy to use programs.

  6. eli

    I have samsung F480, how can i change the Themes? is there anybody knowing this

  7. bruce

    NICE!! THanks for the information…I’ll try to grab one for myself…Thanks!
    by the way, would just like to ask…what was the asking price?

  8. mad

    i had already LG arena and i can say, it satisfy my need in mobile. all in one package.

  9. Bruce

    Thanks for the info, Apple’s Iphone was not something i expected it to be…such a lot of hassle, probably because of the incompatibility of the phone with our system…however, I would really appreciate it if you can post something about the compatibility of the phone, with regards to network, mobile net, and stuff…

    Thanks much!!!

  10. Ana

    hi! bought mine in Germany around end of April. i might say its relatively cheaper here at 359 euros without contract or something. nwayz, the phone is ok, except that when you have a big finger, you can expect to touch other functions accidentally as it is sensitive enough to detect light pressure. my husband complaint about it. i have not much problem about that except when im browsing and too lazy to enlarge the page. i think its still better to try the phone first before buying and see for yourself how it performs. i agree that when i use it in broad daylight, alas! i almost see nothing anymore.

  11. chan

    I bought mine from UK and if i convert it to $. It’s about $450-$460 tops without network deals. I must say that I’m very satisfied with this phone. The only prob is if you’re using it under the sun, like all LG phones the glare and the view is a little hard to look at, but with all the perks and capabilities, this phone rocks =)

    1. I might get one if it becomes available here in the Philippines. If I can’t afford it then I might get Samsung F480 instead. Thanks chan for sharing your experience to us on LG Arena, good day! 🙂

  12. al

    tHIS mighty phone will be launched in the Philippine market by June 2009. And it’s very affordable!

    1. cool! That’s great. Hope I could have a sample phone for reviews or send me a unit and willing to pay for it as long as I can afford it. 😀

  13. LG arena is the next iphone killer. If you look at some of its videos, you will be amazed by the features it has.

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