Recently, an American comedian named Adam Carolla insulted Manny Pacquiao, the Filipinos and the Philippines with an interview with a podcast listener. He said some stuff that I don’t know if he knows that it is possible that it will be heard by millions of Filipinos. You can listen to the audio conversation of Adam Carolla’s rant on Manny Pacquiao HERE and you can leave your comments too there if you want to react.

Now, aside from this that raise the temperature of my blood like h3ll, virus and malware coders/programmers takes this opportunity to spread there bad intent through search query “Adam Carolla Pacquiao” on Google. Some of the sites can be blocked by Firefox / Chrome and marked by Google as “harmful sites” but some get away from their radar and my luck is I have a web filter enabled on my anti-virus program.

Guys so be careful with this query: Adam Carolla Pacquiao and make sure you are equipped with the latest anti-virus program that can check virus and bad scripts from the web and prevent it from infecting your PC.

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dan sosa
dan sosa
13 years ago

To whom it DOES concern

Can anyone organize a protest against Adam Carolla ( ” The racist”)….?
He races this week in the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.. Celebrity/pro race …He has insulted every living Filipino this past week..
Can someone plan some public protest to “KNOCKOUT” Adam Corolla…he is the “Grand Torino” of radio..
How about protest thursday evening in front of the Grand Prix on Ocean Blvd and request the officials of the Grand Prix to drop Adam Carolla (” The racist”) from the Celebrity/Pro race?..

What about phone calls to ..

Toyota corporate headquarters in Torrance 1800 331 4331
City of Long beach 562 570 5700
Councilman Robert Garcia 562 570 6919

Dan Sosa
Long Beach