My Busby SEO Test Participation. I am a search engine optimizer for more than a year now and within this life in SEO I have learned a lot about the craft. What I am doing right now to update myself from different changes in SEO techniques is that I continued to participate to different SEO tests and competitions. One of the SEO competition that I have participated was the Busby SEO Challenge which I end up winning only a special award but despite I did not win a major prize, I have learned from that defeat. Now, the same organization who hosted the said world cup SEO skill test, Busby Web Solutions, released the second leg of the competition.

The said 2nd SEO worldcup contest requires participants to optimize the phrase “Busby SEO Test” to rank on Google specifically in the data center: (US Google Data Center). For those who is not yet familiar with Data Centers, it refers to the location of the result pages when you search a specific topic on Google. Different data centers of this giant search engine usually return variety of results depending on the geographic location of these data centers.

Currently, I made a specific blog to become my official entry which can be found at On the last Busby SEO Test that I participated, I made it to top 20 (specifically position #16) using this domain so the new rule set of the current competition states that exact URL or web addresses that are used on the previous Busby SEO Challenge keyword optimization are not valid to use as entry. That’s why I created a new folder just to focus on this topic.

On the previous competition, Indonesian SEO masters grab the highest prize followed by a French team and another Indonesian entry. While one Filipino SEO master managed only to reach 4th place. I really love to see Filipinos to win the highest rank but it is impossible for us to make it if we will do it alone. So if you wish to support Filipino participants, you can start to support my entry 🙂 . How? Just paste the following code on your blog or make a post on your blog or websites that contains the link specified below. I really appreciate your support and very thankful about it, for I know that I will bring a great honor for our country.

Here’s the code that you can paste on your blog to show your support:

<a href="">
Busby SEO Test
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14 years ago

Your link was added into my blog post…Despite of Busy Time. I want to give a little help. Pagpasensyahan mo na.