If you have your own video and you want to earn from it then you might want to try the LongTailVideo ad program, you can sign-up now here if you want. What does it do and how to earn from it. Well they provide a free javascript / flash video player that can be customized and can be allowed to render their in-house ads or run your own ads.

What you need to do is to have JWPlayer to be used as your official video player for your site and register your websites to their program then you’re on the first step on earning from your video. Once you register a site, you can create a channel for the site and start running ads from pre-roll, mid roll to post roll advertisement.

I actually created a WordPress plug-in for my blog so that I could easily implement it using simple tags (such as [mytube video width height] or [jplay your-own-video-file.flv width height]) but right now I can’t share it yet ‘coz I am still furnishing it so that it can be easily customized/configured. Be back here later for the plug-in.

The following shows a sample of a Youtube video running my own ads on pre-roll only:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSERBd_LLYw 560 349]

Note: JWPlayer can’t play Youtube videos with Youtube ads running or with custom caption.

Start making money online now by signing up with LongTail.

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