You might want to use other option in monetizing your site aside from Google Adsense. Maybe because your banned from using this great monetizing opportunity provided by Google (like me… 🙁 ). As you can see, this site is not using Google Adsense anymore. It was my fault I did commit something that made Adsense to terminate my account. Its back in June 2010 that I made a website that have violate their TOS and I actually remove the ads when they informed me last year about it because I really want to maintain the account. The problem is I wasn’t able to read the complete email by them regarding the issue and they have requested something that I wasn’t able to reply. I thought with just removing the ads from the violating site would be enough but I was wrong. So that’s it they banned me not last year but only this month of March 2011. My lessons learned is that I should have stick with the niche I have previously and read the whole email and not just react without fully understanding the whole content.

Oh well, past is past. Regrets will not solve everything so what I did? Did I stop from blogging? The answer is NO and continue with what I am doing and find for alternatives that can monetize my existing and upcoming sites. Now I want to share some of the ad network alternative that you might want to try to replace or add to your existing sites:

  1. Adbrite – This is the first network I tried after I wasn’t able to use Adsense. They pay NET-60  via check only with a minimum check amount of $5. I just leave one or two ads on my site and forget about it. Then in a couple of months I received my check via postal mail and change it at a money exchange. What I don’t like about it is it display a big white background showing “You Ad Here” when there’s no ad served.
  2. Smowtion – Provide a standard banner and pop under. Pays via Paypal, Payoneer and Cheque. Minimum earning before the payout is $100. Very strict in placement and always send an automated email every time there system detected the improper placement of ads. Use IFRAME in ad serving instead of their JAVASCRIPT version. There are cases that the Javascript version ads would not load. Click here to SIGN-UP.
  3. Xtendmedia – this is the newest network I’ve tried and pays via Paypal and Wire Transfer. You need to send them invoice to get your payment. Its my first month on them and will update if what is my experience with them. On my first week, I saw that there dashboard doesn’t have any way for you to add new site but you can always contact them to request it. Their ads loads fast (using IFRAME). Only approves high traffic websites.
  4. Chitika
  5. Clicksor
  6. Bidvertiser

I will update this list if I find other means to monetize your existing or upcoming sites. I hope this list help you make money online.

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12 years ago

Thank goodness there are some other alternatives for Google Adsense. Also, the good thing about it is you can implement two or three at the same time.

With the good traffic, earnings from Adsense will be compensate by the earnings you’ve got from the other network.

12 years ago

It also happened on me way back 2010 when I ran Google Adsense on my blog. but on the same case, my account has been disabled without even knowing if where I got banned. I tried to contact Google about the incedent but I’ve got no reply from them, maybe their just having lack of publisher support, I don’t know why.