Firefox 4.0 was released today and I downloaded it immediately. I’ve been waiting for this update for I have read that it will be released this 22nd of March.

I stop from using the browser when I find Google Chrome as much simpler and faster compared to FF’s sluggish start-up and freezing while surfing. You’ll see from the image below that I am the 491,283rd person who downloaded the browser.

My first impression on the new browser is that it possess the same tab design as Chrome and IE9 with the orange Firefox menu at the top which what I like from Chrome and the new Internet Explorer 9. You can read on for the rest of the features of the new version of the browser. For now, I have a feeling that I’ll be using this version instead of Google Chrome specially that the latter is always hanging which I guess cause by the new Flash 10.2 (maybe but I’m not sure but Chrome started crashing from the time that I updated my Flash to the latest version).

You might want to change the default search engine (ASK.Com) to use by the address bar when you try to type a keyword to US. What you need to do is simply type about:config on the address bar. Look for the keyword.URL from the list of settings and replace its value with:

This will change the default keyword finder of the address to Google US.

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