Have you seen this new changes in Google? Every time that you type a keyword on the Google search box, the top 10 results are displayed below the keyword suggestion box. This immediately gives you result even if you’re not yet finished typing with what you are looking for. This significantly increase the possibility of finding what you are looking for. They call this newest search engine feature as Google Instant. According to them, this feature increases the rendering of SERP by 2-5 seconds compared to their previous algorithm. You can read the rest of the feature and advantages of this on their official website at http://www.google.com/instant.

This video shows the introduction of Google Instant:

What can you say with this? For me, this makes the ranking position of your site on the first page very important. SEO specialists around the globe will surely be testing a lot of things to be part of the elite top position of G’s SERP.

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