Pacquiao vs. MargaritoIf you are in the Philippines right now, there are a lot of ways to watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito WBC super welterweight championship fight on November 14, 2010. Since the country’s time stops whenever Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao goes inside the ring to fight, a lot of means to watch this boxing event are available for every single Filipino to witness it live or in delayed telecast.

Here are some of the places where the fight can be watched in the country:

1. Theaters. Usually every time there’s a big fight like this, big theaters in the country usually sells ticket to let the die hard boxing fans watch the fight in big screen.

2. Bars and/or Restaurants. Some establishments adds this event as part of the main course of their menu and let you add a small fee to enjoy every single moment of the fight in LCD, HD or conventional televisions.

3. Town Plaza and/or Provincial Gym. Officials from different towns and cities of the country usually provide projector with the live feed of the fight and show it to their constituents for free.

4. Online. If you are a subscriber of PLDT and you have an account on their TV streaming service named PLDT Watchpad then you could watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito online for free as long as you register prior to Nov. 14. There are a lot of sports blog and websites also that provides live streaming of this event such as and which you can visit anytime or anywhere in the world you are.

Now, it is up to you if what will be the option that you will prefer to watch this boxing event. Me, I already registered to PLDT WatchPad and bookmarked some sites that I am planning to share later here on


  1. dave

    i want to watch pacquiao margarito fight live using my pc/ internet.

  2. I want to watch the Pacquiao-Margarito fight live online on Nov. 13.
    Please let me know how and how much will it cost.

  3. custer guial

    i want to watch pacquiao margarito fight live using my pc/ internet.

  4. Fernando Sarmiento

    I WANT To Watch The Fight Pacquiao vs Margarito Live

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