Google is the biggest search engine on the net. Ever since it started, its algorithm in treating web sites to rank in its search query results change several time. Actually right now they are not revealing the current algorithm they are using, instead they provide guidelines for webmasters on how to build their websites to become robot-friendly or to pass to their “quality guidelines”. That is why a lot of search engine optimizers (SEO specialists, gurus, masters, noobs – newbies and other types of practitioners) keep on experimenting and blending different SEO tactics just to have the favor of this search engine giant. Some actually get banned just applying some SEO tricks and tweaks to their sites.

Now on Google Webmaster Central blog, I found some interesting advice from them on inbound and outbound links. Here are the excerpts of these advices:

1. Create unique and compelling content on your site and the web in general. Which according to them can be done by creating your own blog, posting videos and pictures that interest you, teach readers news things or give tips (which I did with my AUTORUN.INF topics), engage in blogs and user reviews which you can be done by leaving your IMHO comments. Provide services or products that are very useful which in turn will make users link to your site.

2. Pursue business development opportunities. I want to explain this but I think the blog already illustrate this clearly so I will just refer you there, “Good times with inbound links“.

To summarize these SEO advice of Google, it only come with one idea and that is “quality content is the most important above anything else.” Links will be built naturally for you if you have a very useful, timely and relevant topics or contents to share. But this is a problem for the “impatient”, that’s why some fake the inbound link-building and conduct “blog bombing” and pay for links. This will make a fast but very dangerous path to acquiring great PageRank (PR) and high search engine result pages (SERPs) ranking. Dangerous because when Google detects these “SEO acts of impatience”, G will definitely penalized you.

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14 years ago

Thanks for sharing. As I see a lot of blogs around, there seemed to be a lot of divided opinions with this. Especially when people do business with paid reviews.

Oftentimes, I encounter people who are into paid reviews – I’ve witnessed them curse Google. They often point out that Google monopolizes the trade – because they own Google adsense.

A penalty often result to blogs losing opportunities from link trade.

Google wants those who do links penalized. It messes up their system. They don’t want some “useless” site to end up above the search engine results.

In the end a blogger has to face the choice of working with Google or working against it.