iphone-3g-in-the-philippines.jpgFinally, I got my dream phone – iPhone 3GS. Globe approved my application for the Php1,500 iPhone plan and got the unit for P12K cash out. I love its feature specially the different apps that I can install on the phone plus its feature that allows me to surf the net, check my emails and online earnings wherever I am via 3G or WiFi. However, there are some things that I encountered and found sometimes annoying about the phone.

Here are some of them:

  • The battery doesn’t last longer than I expected.
  • The image produced by the camera is not that really good.
  • There’s no button that can be used to take a shot (maybe I am just used to Nokia or Samsung phones that have buttons like this but I like this feature)
  • I can’t view websites that uses Flash using the Safari browser.
  • Carrier signal always disconnect. I don’t know if the problem is with the phone or with the strength of signal of the provider in our place.

Despite these “small issues” on the phone, I still find the phone really amazing and I am enjoying using it.

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