The other day, PR for my sites just turn to N/A. I am using the Google Chrome extension to view the PR of the site that I am visiting. I thought I lost PageRank for all of my site but when I check on Facebook, Google and other sites, the same N/A PR is displayed. So I did some Google searching and found out that Google made some changes on their Google toolbar and so what I did is I install the Google toolbar on internet explorer. Then I can view the PR after that.

Next is I updated the SEOQuake Firefox add-on and made some revisions as recommended by

To summarize what the site recommended to fix SEOQuake on FF, here’s the following steps:

1. Go to SEOQuake Preferences window. Just right click the bar then SEOQuake->Preferences.
2. Then under PARAMETERS, you’ll see a Google pagerank option. Edit it and you will see the following line:


3. Replace the search keyword from the line with tbr. So it should be like the following:


4. Restart your browser and you’ll see your PR is back.

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