Have you received messages from your Facebook chat window lately saying some automated messages about checking out your friends profile, stats or just sending some links? What you don’t know is that if you like it or allow it to use your information, it will invade your account and will make it like a ‘zombie’ that sends messages even if you’re offline or doesn’t knows about it.

It’s infectious because it is difficult to be avoided specially if it is send by your FB friends. It is a privacy issue that you should be aware of. How to avoid it? Well, just don’t allow or like any apps. Try to search about it online and see if that is really true, legit and helpful apps.

What if you have the said malicious apps already, what you can do about it to be fixed? Here’s how to clean your Facebook account from this kind of invasion:

  1. Make sure if your PC is not infected by any kind of virus. Use an anti-virus for that.
  2. Then, on your Facebook account go to the Privacy Settings. (Menu->Account->Privacy Settings).
  3. On the Privacy Settings page, click “edit your settings” – It will open the current Apps, Games and Websites that you like or use recently. Just click “edit settings” button to list all the apps. You can remove apps that you don’t recognize one by one or turn off all of the apps from this page.

Remember, prevention is better than cure so here are some things that you might want to take into consideration to protect your Facebook account from this kind of problems:

  1. Make sure to logout your account every time your done with your social thing specially when you are using a public computer (internet cafe, school, library,etc.)
  2. Do not accept any app requests specially if you’re not sure what it is all about.
  3. Check your Privacy Settings always.

– Bleuken.com

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