Pacquiao vs. Cotto Update: Manny Pacquiao won in TKO at 12 round against Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico, gaining his 7th boxing title which is the welterweight boxing division. You can read the archive sports news below for the detail of the boxing event.

Congratulation Manny, we are proud of you and you really the country’s hope and pride! Mabuhay ka!

Coming soon, Pacquiao vs. Mayweather… watch out!

Here’s the highlight of the fight:

[youtube 560 349]
Watch Pacquiao vs. Cotto Replay Here

News/Blog Archives:

Watch out for it as I cover the blow by blow account of the fight. You can watch the Firepower: Pacquiao v. Cotto match on the following links (this list will be updated as soon as I found links where you can watch it live and in delayed telecast so just REFRESH the page for the updates):

The official weigh-in is out: 144 lbs for the 6 time world champion Manny Pacquiao and 145lbs for the 3 time world champion Miguel Cotto.

The following are the log of events prior to the fight (arranged in reverse chronological order):

Pacquiao vs. Cotto10.31 – Judges Duane Ford, Dave Moretti and Adelaide Byrd will be the panel of judges for the Pacquiao vs. Cotto super bout with Kenny Bayless as the third man / referee and not Joe Cortez.

10.24 – Today, HBO premieres the first episode of 24/7, a reality drama show featuring Cotto and Pacquiao during their practice and their lives behind boxing.

10. 11. 2009 On HBO’s twitter, Shawn Porter – Pacman’s sparmate said that “He’s gonna shock the world again.” Referring to the Filipino boxer to bring another exciting and fascinating fight.

10.09 – Undercard matches announced:

  • Julius Cesar Chavez vs. Troy Rowland
  • Daniel Santos vs. Yuri Foreman
  • Alfonso Gomez vs. Jesus Soto-Karass

10.07 – It is reported that Pacquiao is getting some beating from his sparring partner on his recent training in Baguio. Roach doesn’t confirm if who on his sparring partner is giving some paws but it is possibly Porter because he is the much bigger and stronger sparring mate that he have. It seems that Pacman has lost his defense touch already. Will his time for training enough to fix his defense problem? Will Cotto exploits this weakness of the People’s Champ?

10.05 – Julius Cesar Chavez, Jr. (40-0-1 30KOs) vs. Troy Rowland (25-2- 7 KOs) included on the match as undercard fight. Now, is anyone cares to watch this match aside from the main event? 🙂

10.03 – Pacquiao’s training paused for a while due to typhoon Ondoy and Peping. Cotto keeps on practicing and will  KO his opponent according to his camp.

09.24 – Pacquiao stops his training to give way to his “political activities.” News even reported that he said that he is willing to give up boxing for his political career. Pacman is rumored to run for congressman in Sarangani Province in the Philippines.

09.21 – Pacquiao flew to Baguio today to start his 8 weeks training program as preparation for his fight against Miguel Cotto.

09.17 – Pacquiao return from the promo tour and was welcomed by the insinuation of Mayweather Sr. saying in an interview that Pacman is taking steroids. The camp of Pacman is planning to act legally on this matter. Tsk, what an irresponsible remarks from someone who is known to be the trainer of a boxer who lost to Pacquiao!

Regarding his training, he will start it in Baguio by Sept. 21 and shift to Los Angeles in the Wild Card Gym by October 17.

09.09 – Until now, The People’s champ is not formally training and he left today for United States for the 5-city publicity tour for their Nov. 14 fight. He said that 8 whole weeks is enough for him to train and Pacquiao plans to train in Baguio City when he come backs from the promotional tour.

09.04 – Pacquiao was promoted by the Philippine Army to Sgt. Major. The reason behind it, the honor that he is giving to the country by winning previous boxing challenges. The question now, what will be his rank on the army when he wins this match? If he wins!

09.01 – Pacman is not training for about 3 weeks now for the preparation of his fight against Cotto. Do you know why? He is filming a new movie in Manila. What’s the title of the movie? Don’t know yet! Freddie Roach however said that all of the preparation and the system for the Pacquiao’s training are set already and he will not reveal any of the details of the training program that he’ll give for Pacquiao.

08.30 – Pacquiao asked for Gary McMillan of UK as his sparring mate in response to the “lefty sparring mate key to success” plan of Cotto.  It’s his camp move to adapt to the orthodox – southpaw style of Cotto. Great, this will be the start of an explosive fight to expect this Nov.!

08.12 – Pacquiao vs. Cotto match tickets will be available to all the fans worldwide by August 17.

08.11 – Roach told media, he’s training Pacquiao not to be hit by the heavy punches of Cotto. What if he got hit? 🙂

08.10 – Arum announced today the signing of Pacquiao and Cotto contract on Tuesday, August 11. “Everything has been decided and agreed to. Cotto is defending the title and the weight limit will be 145 pounds.” – Arum’s assured.

08.03 – WBO (World Boxing Organization) announced that Miguel Cotto will be defending his welterweight crown during his fight against Pacquiao on 145 pounds maximum weight level. So the match Pacquiao vs. Cotto match is now a title bout.

07.28 – Dionisia Pacquiao, mother of Manny Pacquiao, said media that this Pacquiao vs. Cotto will be the last fight for Manny. Maybe this is because of his political plans this coming 2010. Let see what’s up next.

07.22 – The wait is over for another action-packed match for Pacman! It is simply because both camp of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto agreed to fight on 145 maximum weight limit. This was Bob Arum said on an interview yesterday and he also added that they are just finalizing all the papers necessary for the match to materialize. The said match is scheduled on November 14, 2009 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada and can be watched by boxing enthusiasts and patrons from around the world through HBO’s pay-per-view.

Pacquiao (49-3-2, with 37 knockout wins) recently acquired the title of the pound for pound king after beating Ricky Hatton on the last May 2 bout while Cotto (34-1, with 27 knockout wins) successfully defended his title against Joshua Clottey last June 13. I think, this recent result of the fight of Cotto made him convinced that this Puerto Rican fighter is a worthy opponent for him. Both parties did not reveal anything regarding the percentage share that the boxers can get from the said upcoming event.

Tentative promotional tour schedule of the Pacquiao vs. Cotto match will be the following (this will be updated later when the event schedules are finalized:)

  • September 9 in Los Angeles
  • September 10 in New York
  • September 12 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

What can you say about this match guys? Do you think Cotto can handle the punches of Pacquiao and triumph from this challenge? Let me know about your thoughts about this upcoming fight by leaving your feedbacks, comments or analysis of the boxing event here.

Here is HBO’s promotional video of the fight dubbed as “Firepower: Pacquiao vs. Cotto”

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13 years ago

Both guys did their best, one just came up short… but both learned something from the fight…

Mayweather talks too much.. do you think he really won last time? I don’t think so, he didn’t make the weigh-in so he would have the advantage… such a cheater, doesn’t want to lose to Marquez… I hope Manny closes his mouth soon…

gaps malawad
gaps malawad
13 years ago

pacman galing mo,… npataob mo ang klaban,…. tnx syo manny npa2nayan mo s mundo n iba tyo mang pinoy,…. palaban.

13 years ago

@ Blueken and Marky

You got some point dudes, i somehow agree with you specially fighting Williams coz it’s a more feasible one and a much closer one on the possible line up of matches for Manny. But, in the world of boxing specially for a guy like Pacman now that he’s a very very hot item in this field of sport and the tremendous amount of money he generates through and from his fights and making his promoter, manager, all the sponsors and all the media involved all happy and earning a lot of money, No matter how we protest for a more feasible match-up for him things will go in a different way where large amount money is the primary issue and with that, for the promoters and his manager, again eventhough Pacman / Mayweather may not materialize in a much shorter time, again,.. with lots of money involved they will make it as if its like their fight is going to happen in a few month starting from now Or,
they would make it a much anticipated one than before.

In the end, its up to Pacman and Mayweather to decide and if they think the price is right then as Rock and Rolla said, that is something
we can all look forward to. Though its kinda sad and kinda sudden but that is how it goes in the world of boxing where a boxer with a level of Manny is lured by Big time promoters through an offer they could not refuse.

Pacman already talked about it and being open for any discussions and offers with regards to that. They are the Shot callers not us, all we can do is watch and anticipate.

But, who would love to see an eager bastard like Mayweather would take
heavy beating from Manny? For sure all the Pacman haters out there
will finally shut their big mouths if that happens.

— For PACMAN God Bless you! You made us all Proud! Mabuhay Ka!

michael nochite
13 years ago

puertorican is to weak

13 years ago

well im my opinion i dont really believe of mayweather. pacquiao is already in top why u should always say the next is mayweather damn that thing. well if you want guyz the two should fight in the the marathon. u know mayweather thing hes a good runner. so why we luk forward and another fighter that is really match by pacquiao. not mayweather. beside mayweather shud win another fight b4 he can fight pacquiao.but for me mayweather/pacquiao fight is not anticipating. i think he can bet paul williams of jr. middleweight div. i go for pacquiao vs. williams. Congrats pacman pacquiao. Mabuhay Philippines

13 years ago

Lets hope for things to come, for sure Pacman and Mayweather will cross paths in the very near future.
And that is something we can all look forward to.

For now, Thank you Pacman for making our foreheads
raised a lil’ higher than before, You made us all proud!
Congratulations and more power to you Manny!

maryann sumatra
maryann sumatra
13 years ago


13 years ago

Just a lil’ correction regrading this statement “Pacquiao (49-3-2, with
37 knockout wins) recently acquired the title of the pound for pound
king after beating Ricky Hatton”…

– Before then Pacman / Hatton fight, Pacman is already declared Pound-
for-Pound king as to what the above info is stated. If you guys can
recall during Pacman / Hatton fight, Michael Buffer (the ring announcer)
mentioned on his introduction saying “Pound-for-Pound” and after wining
the match and still saying,.. “And Still, Pound-for-Pound…”

Well, Pacman still is the Pound-for-Pound king, hands down!
We’re all proud of you Manny, keep up the good training and fight
preparation and good boxing techniques you’ll still gonna need it
for the real fight of your life against the former Pound-for-Pound king
with an unblemished fight record that only so so few real
Pound-for-Pound king can achieve,.. fighting Floyd “Pretty Boy”
Mayweather Jr.

Now, this is something we can all look forward to and something that
will really makes us nervous. That guy, has been named “Pretty Boy”
for very very strong reasons that no one even dared to question, and
what is that? On all his fights he managed to stay unbruised due to the
effective boxing skills he maintained throughout his current boxing
career and, we would be so proud more than ever if Pacman would smack
his unbruised face with blistering combination and unmatched punching
power and speed.

13 years ago

Sorry seems like the “Pacman haters” lost again. Cotto made a fool of himself for over 10 million viewers world wide, even more by running around in the ring from the 9th round all the way to when they threw in the towel. We have a word here in the U.S. we call it “pus*y” lol.

13 years ago

Puerto Rico fell off..and its only boxer. Sad! For Manny Pacquiao to dominate in Cotto’s division, is truly amazing! Congrats to Pacman.