google_health_betaGoogle announced its new free service to the online community. Now they are providing a free way for people to easily upload their medical records online through their new service called Google Health. This let you easily store your dusting and piling health documents to their system. You just simply scan and upload it and your records will be on place and you can easily manage it. What is nice with this system is that you can share it with your doctors or caregivers for future use.

Here are the following features of the said Google health related service:

  • You can build online health profiles.
  • Import medical records from hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Share your health records.
  • Explore online health services.

Now, if you are worry about the confidentiality of your medical conditions or records, the system allows you to select which information that can be seen and whom to share  it. Currently its on Beta phase and I think they are finalizing everything before Google fully promote it and remove the Beta tag.

I already signed up and will try to store my own health records. For preparation just in case, my wife lost my “medical history” on papers. How about you, will you dare to share your own records online?

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