How to Have Breadcrumbs for Site on Search Results?

This is the latest video of Matt Cutts about Breadcrumbs on search results and how to implement it on website. Google implemented it on search results but it is still on the early stage so there’s no fixed method or practice that is stated by Matts on the video. However, he emphasized that a “delimited […]

PR Update Before the Year Ends

Happy New Year to everyone! As the title says, PageRank on your Google toolbars updated right before 2009 say Goodbye. That is right, some of my PR0 sites gained a PR3 rank after this change. Aside from this, I’ve seen changes on the indexed pages for certain search queries. I have seen the real time […]

Google Personalizing Search Results

Google announced that they are on a stage in personalizing the search results of the search engine users even the users didn’t turn on the Web history of their Google accounts and even they are not sign-in. Usually, personalize results can be seen whenever you are logged on in any Google accounts through web history. […]

Google Search in the Future

Google Webmaster Help in Youtube released another video featuring Matt Cutts. The video contains the answer of Cutts on a question regarding the the big changes of “search” over the next 3 years and some of today’s trends that might shape the future of Google search. In summary, he mentioned about more sophistication on Google […]

New Google Ranking Factor in 2010: Site Load Speed

Here’s an interesting posts by Search Engine Land where it stated that Google are planning to introduce a new ranking factor and that is the loading speed. This mean that will consider fast loading websites to rank well on their search result pages. Matt Cutts said that this ranking factor might be implemented or take […]