Happy New Year to everyone! As the title says, PageRank on your Google toolbars updated right before 2009 say Goodbye. That is right, some of my PR0 sites gained a PR3 rank after this change. Aside from this, I’ve seen changes on the indexed pages for certain search queries. I have seen the real time search for a couple of times, from the queries regarding the death of the celebrity Britanny Murphy to the current Pacquiao vs. Mayweather super mega fight drama. Twitter is showing a lot from this RTS portion of Google search results and this is the reason why I updated my WordTwit plug-in on this blog to suit to this newest feature from Google.

Right now, my busy year started with dealing with the new Google Algorithm, Caffeine and I will definitely get a lot of sleepless night because of this.

Again, Happy New Year to everyone and have a blessed, prosperous, fruitful and wonderful year ahead of you.


  1. This year 2010 is lucky for me my site’s pr was updated to 6.congrat’s and wish u too Happy new year.

  2. This was indeed a good start for 2010 since most of my sites were updated with this PR update.

  3. Congrats for improve your site PR. Hope this year it will improve more. It is a really very Happy New Year for you. Best of luck…

  4. Congrats for the new PR. Mine was updated to 4. Happy New Year!!

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