Google, Webmasters and SEO
Google, Webmasters and SEO

Google announced that they are on a stage in personalizing the search results of the search engine users even the users didn’t turn on the Web history of their Google accounts and even they are not sign-in. Usually, personalize results can be seen whenever you are logged on in any Google accounts through web history. However, right now this feature is planned to be expanded even with signed-out users. The giant search engine will use the cookie left on the browsers to determine which website will be ranked well. This is what they want to improve the search experience of the users.

Here is a video from two Google engineers – Bryan Horling and Robby Bryant, explaining how this personalization is done and how they extract user interest to be a factor in showing results to different kinds of searching users:

What do you think about this move, will SEO industry be affected or harmed by this personalization of search engine results? I guess not! This change will only mean that a lot of people will be needing help from SEO specialists and consultants more than ever.

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