Share Your Medical Records Online

Google announced its new free service to the online community. Now they are providing a free way for people to easily upload their medical records online through their new service called Google Health. This let you easily store your dusting and piling health documents to their system. You just simply scan and upload it and […]

Google Still Tops Nielsen Charts

Nielsen company is an independent organization that delivers comprehensive, independent measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising, video, consumer-generated media, word of mouth, commerce and consumer behavior. They have just released the top 10 US web brands (home and work audiences) for the month of June 2009 and from their data, Google still tops their […]

Google Chrome OS Introduced!

An upcoming lightweight and an open-source operating system from Google was announced today. They call it as “Google Chrome OS,” which is the natural extension of their previously released browser: Google Chrome. This new operating system from the number one search engine company today will be possessing the same quality that the company was known […]

Google Err on January 31, 2009

Just a couple of minutes ago, I’ve seen that almost all the keywords that I am searching in Google were all marked as harmful. I’ve seen all the search results were marked as “This site may harm your computer.” I thought I have a malware on my PC or another Google Hijacker penetrates my computer. […]

Google & Yahoo Shares Ad Revenue

Google agreed to Yahoo! in supplying Yahoo with advertising services to run alongside Yahoo’s own Web search system. Actually this deal was already discusses last June. The recent report from Reuters stated how Newspapers scrutinize this deal and complains that the deal will really hurt the newspaper. Here’s the excerpt of the said report from […]