Just a couple of minutes ago, I’ve seen that almost all the keywords that I am searching in Google were all marked as harmful. I’ve seen all the search results were marked as “This site may harm your computer.” I thought I have a malware on my PC or another Google Hijacker penetrates my computer. I run several test and did not find anything malicious on my PC. But when I tried to look on it to Google’s Brower (Chrome), I did not find the message any more on the search  so I thought maybe the problem is on some plug-ins onFirefox but its not the case. I search again using Firefox and the said message also disappear. Maybe they have fixed it.

I’m not the only one who saw this. Actually, at a forum where I am an active member, saw the same phenomena of this Google that marks all the sites as containing harmful code. Actually even Techcrunch.com blogged about this a while ago. I even left a message on Matt Cutt’s blog to ask about this because I am really worried.

Is this another Google experiment or change in their internal codes or Google was hijacked or infected by certain virus or worm? Well, I will just wait for the official press release of Google which I did not find yet from their blog. Maybe later, if they will explain it! By the way here’s the snapshot of the said phenomena, I have taken this from a forum post, I was not able to take the screen shots so I am using this one (thank you major hehehe !):

Update: Google official statement stated that the error on the flagging was caused by “Human Error.” Read their official statement here.


  1. Interesting find. I’ve never actually seen that message in the SERPs but perhaps they haven’t introduced that feature in Google UK…? I can see how this feature *might* be useful for Google to include but only if their criteria for marking a result with that label was airtight and very accurate. Oh, well, I guess they’ve screwed that one up already!

    1. i updated the post, they said its human error, read their official post. 🙂

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