I’ve just discovered today that some of my old posts were gone or missed some text. This happens right after I transfer this blog on a new hosting account last first week of January and I only discovered it today. I thought I made the necessary transfer steps to transfer all the posts to my new account but I missed some part of it. What I have seen from the posts that have missing text is that all of the posts with apostrophe characters were cut-off from there. My luck is that I did not permanently remove my previous files from the previous hosting of my friend and copy the text again to the posts.

Due to this, some of my top ranking posts on search engines drop their position. Well, I hope right now this will be corrected and those posts will come back from its original position. Ah, it took me one month before I notice this on my blog and I didn’t notice this one if nobody did commented about it. I am really quite busy now due to the hectic schedules in school and my projects and I was not able to check all of the transferred posts.  Even my participation to different competitions are affected by this “hectic schedules.” Actually, someone in our place invited me to participate to a local competition called “Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009,” (sounds relevant to what I am currently experiencing huh!) but I did not committed yet to him if I will join. I am still prioritizing my projects and I don’t know if I could still have spare time for this. Maybe later but I am not sure yet.

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14 years ago

I also experienced losing my posts– twice. Sometimes, you can’t really notice your posts disappearing if you are too busy and when your post is no longer posted in the homepage of your site.