Speed Matters!
Speed Matters!

Here’s an interesting posts by Search Engine Land where it stated that Google are planning to introduce a new ranking factor and that is the loading speed. This mean that will consider fast loading websites to rank well on their search result pages. Matt Cutts said that this ranking factor might be implemented or take into consideration by the giant search engine by 2010.

Previously, he announced that the newest ranking algorithm codenamed “Caffeine” will be live on one of their data centers after the holidays. This mean by January 2010 and onwards they will start to push the changes to all of their data centers and expect for Caffeine to be on browsers worldwide. Fast search results rendering is expected from this change.

The following video shows the interview of Mike McDonald (WebProNews) with Matt Cutts mentioning about this topic:

Now on my next post, I will discuss tips on how to make your site to load much faster and cope with this.

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14 years ago

According to original Google Caffeine post,Caffeine lets google push the envelope,but ,with speed,size’s change, ranks will not be changed? Incredible!

14 years ago

The new ranking factor of the giant search engine will hurt some webmaster, coz’ some website’s are using flash and by using this element the loading speed of a website is too slow.. And they cannot eliminate flash in their website’s, i.e. A travel agency website or a hotel website that use a flash or other element that can cause their website’s slow to load.
But for my analysis if that will happen, some webmaster must do a really hard work to make their website load fast. I don’t know if my comment or reaction on this topic is correct, but it depends on you how you will understand it…hehe


Jhelo Cruz
14 years ago

Thanks for the heads up! I will wait for the next post about the tips.