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That’s right I and Kyubz.com with the cooperation of Philippines Blood Registry will be conducting a mini-SEO contest for bloggers. Anyone can join this competition (from Noob to Experts). Have fun and prove your SEO prowess. Learn, lead and win the following cash prizes.

1st Prize – P3,000.00 + 1-year domain registration & hosting

2nd Prize – P1,000.00 + 500 E.C. Credits

3rd Prize – P1,000.00 + 500 E.C. Credits

Rules & Mechanics

1. Start date is 9th September 2008.2. End date of the contest is 26th October 2008 (Sunday 3:00 p.m. Capiz Time)

3. On your blog, simply create an article about the key phrase or just about anything, but optimize it so that it becomes the top Google search result for the contest key phrase. (see key phrase below)

4. Your blog/s DOMAIN used for the entries should not contain any part of the key phrase.

5. The entries should have a visible link back to this website and sponsors. Use the code below for the valid link code to be embedded on your entry posts.

For <a href="http://www.philippinesbloodregistry.com" title="Donate Blood | Find Blood Donors">Philippines Blood Registry</a>, <a href="http://www.kyubz.com">Ragnarok Online 2</a> and <a href="http://www.bleuken.com">Filipino Programmer/Blogger</a>

The code will look like this:

For Philippines Blood Registry, Ragnarok Online 2 and Filipino Programmer/Blogger

6. There is NO limit on the number of entries/post you may make and submit but only articles posted on or after September 9, 2008 are valid and as long as the post contains the link code specified on the rules.

7. To register, leave a comment here with your entry/entries or you can send your entries to admin @ bleuken.com. I will provide a place to list valid entries for the contest so check it at [ List of Valid Entries ].

8. Special Sponsor Required Task:
Entrant should submit one original article/story about the need for Blood Donations (or any information/opinions related to blood donors or receivers – real or fictional accounts). Your writing will be posted on the “Philippines Blood Registry BLOG” http://www.philippinesbloodregistry.com/blogs/Your writing should be original and will be credited to your name or nick. This writing is required and will be contributed in the Philippines Blood Registry. One blood article per entrant is required. Send writing to [ admin @ bleuken.com ].

Philippines Blood Registry is a new web-based ‘Information Center’ for people who need blood fast due to an accident | operation | illness – AND volunteers who have offered to donate blood if the need arises. The ‘Info Service’ is free for users.
We are tying to help make this information available to the Philippine web users’ community. “Fresh Blood Can Save Lives”

More Information: www.PhilippinesBloodRegistry.com

9. No pornography, no discrimination and no illegal behavior is permitted.10. Only registered entrants and valid entries are eligible to compete and win the prize.

11. Bleuken.com, Kyubz.com and PhilippinesBloodRegistry.com are not counted on the rank for the said key phrase.

The contest key phrase will be:
captivating-capiz P5,000+ Mini-SEO Contest from Capiz

The following are the sponsors of this competition:

1. Philippines Blood Registry – Cash Prize: P5,000.00

Help motivate inviduals to join the Philippines Blood Registry.

It is a new free web-based Info Service for Donors and folks needing blood.

2. Ragnarok Online 2 by Kyubz – 1-year domain registration and hosting.

Start competing now and grab those prizes! Mabuhay!

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gurlash @ captivating Capiz

last week na lang and I think wow paradise will win the contest. Congrats na galing mo! Hope makahabol pa http://gurlash.wordpress.com/ ko.

Rein valdez
15 years ago

Gud am sir Bleuken,

almost a week to go for the Captivating Capiz Seo Contest to end.

my another blog for the contest, I really enjoy this thing. 🙂


15 years ago

Let us unit on busby seo test contest at wag pag awayan ang ibang contest matulongan tayo Capiz bloggers at Filipino Bloggers.

Captivating Capiz and busby seo test

Blueken , I can’t see one of my enteries in the list of vaild entries . I have made the changes as per your instruction . I hope it was a mistake and the entry would be included , the entry is http://bewithcijo.blogspot.com/2008/10/captivating-capiz.html

I do have another entry . busyseochallenge.blogspot.com/

All the posts in this blog are posted on or after September 9, 2008 .

Please do give a reply to this

Pweng Bee
15 years ago

Sir Renan, I didn’t get pissed of what you said. I am just responding because you are wrong. Never say anything that you cannot even prove. Did I say I was an expert? I hope I haven’t. One advice though, double check your comments, it has some typos. I hate it when my name gets misspelled. Each and everyone don’t like it either.

15 years ago

Ito mga new entry ko sir bleuken..


Pwenbee hmmm bahala kada timo ya la ko labot..hahahaha.. la lang pamingotay ha..

Pweng Bee
15 years ago

Renan, kindly think twice or reread before saying anything. It is a contest, right? I am just checking how my opponents are doing so that the contest will be fair and square. I thank Bleuken for appreciating my help; at least, his readers will not think that the contest is a fraud because one of the official entries that’s even at the leader board is no longer accessible.

Also, I did not find any comment of yours informing Bleuken about that. It is our responsibility as bloggers and as contest participants to provide updates as soon as possible. Bleuken is not always there to watch over the participants.

And, I am not picking a fight here Renan. Why did you think of that? Oh well, I make sure those I fight against with, I can beat them. I never pick a fight that I know I can be beaten especially if I know I have the point and my reason is reasonable. I don’t have to prove anything here. I am not claiming that I am an expert. I am just a blogger who writes well and is a very keen observer. That’s all.

SEO is not really my thing. I just take this contest as way of new learning and meeting new bloggers.

See, in a blogger’s point of view, as Bleuken said, I am not picking a fight. I never said anything bad when I commented that your entry is no longer accessible, right? It is a very healthy comment. Are you in some way taking it personally? I hope not.

We have talked before and I tried not to say what I was supposed to say to you but if you’re thinking of something else, that is another story. You are a professional, right? So why not be professional. Peace!

15 years ago

i send to you my article sir, is my entry now valid? thanks a lot sir