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(REGISTRATION Closed, Commenting will be disabled. Thank you!)

That’s right I and Kyubz.com with the cooperation of Philippines Blood Registry will be conducting a mini-SEO contest for bloggers. Anyone can join this competition (from Noob to Experts). Have fun and prove your SEO prowess. Learn, lead and win the following cash prizes.

1st Prize – P3,000.00 + 1-year domain registration & hosting

2nd Prize – P1,000.00 + 500 E.C. Credits

3rd Prize – P1,000.00 + 500 E.C. Credits

Rules & Mechanics

1. Start date is 9th September 2008.2. End date of the contest is 26th October 2008 (Sunday 3:00 p.m. Capiz Time)

3. On your blog, simply create an article about the key phrase or just about anything, but optimize it so that it becomes the top Google search result for the contest key phrase. (see key phrase below)

4. Your blog/s DOMAIN used for the entries should not contain any part of the key phrase.

5. The entries should have a visible link back to this website and sponsors. Use the code below for the valid link code to be embedded on your entry posts.

For <a href="http://www.philippinesbloodregistry.com" title="Donate Blood | Find Blood Donors">Philippines Blood Registry</a>, <a href="http://www.kyubz.com">Ragnarok Online 2</a> and <a href="http://www.bleuken.com">Filipino Programmer/Blogger</a>

The code will look like this:

For Philippines Blood Registry, Ragnarok Online 2 and Filipino Programmer/Blogger

6. There is NO limit on the number of entries/post you may make and submit but only articles posted on or after September 9, 2008 are valid and as long as the post contains the link code specified on the rules.

7. To register, leave a comment here with your entry/entries or you can send your entries to admin @ bleuken.com. I will provide a place to list valid entries for the contest so check it at [ List of Valid Entries ].

8. Special Sponsor Required Task:
Entrant should submit one original article/story about the need for Blood Donations (or any information/opinions related to blood donors or receivers – real or fictional accounts). Your writing will be posted on the “Philippines Blood Registry BLOG” http://www.philippinesbloodregistry.com/blogs/Your writing should be original and will be credited to your name or nick. This writing is required and will be contributed in the Philippines Blood Registry. One blood article per entrant is required. Send writing to [ admin @ bleuken.com ].

Philippines Blood Registry is a new web-based ‘Information Center’ for people who need blood fast due to an accident | operation | illness – AND volunteers who have offered to donate blood if the need arises. The ‘Info Service’ is free for users.
We are tying to help make this information available to the Philippine web users’ community. “Fresh Blood Can Save Lives”

More Information: www.PhilippinesBloodRegistry.com

9. No pornography, no discrimination and no illegal behavior is permitted.10. Only registered entrants and valid entries are eligible to compete and win the prize.

11. Bleuken.com, Kyubz.com and PhilippinesBloodRegistry.com are not counted on the rank for the said key phrase.

The contest key phrase will be:
captivating-capiz P5,000+ Mini-SEO Contest from Capiz

The following are the sponsors of this competition:

1. Philippines Blood Registry – Cash Prize: P5,000.00

Help motivate inviduals to join the Philippines Blood Registry.

It is a new free web-based Info Service for Donors and folks needing blood.

2. Ragnarok Online 2 by Kyubz – 1-year domain registration and hosting.

Start competing now and grab those prizes! Mabuhay!


  1. Let us unit on busby seo test contest at wag pag awayan ang ibang contest matulongan tayo Capiz bloggers at Filipino Bloggers.

  2. @cijo sorry 4 this I will update the list on Sunday. By the way on your busyseochallenge.blogspot.com please specify the post entry you want to be included as entry.

  3. Sir Renan, I didn’t get pissed of what you said. I am just responding because you are wrong. Never say anything that you cannot even prove. Did I say I was an expert? I hope I haven’t. One advice though, double check your comments, it has some typos. I hate it when my name gets misspelled. Each and everyone don’t like it either.

  4. Renan, kindly think twice or reread before saying anything. It is a contest, right? I am just checking how my opponents are doing so that the contest will be fair and square. I thank Bleuken for appreciating my help; at least, his readers will not think that the contest is a fraud because one of the official entries that’s even at the leader board is no longer accessible.

    Also, I did not find any comment of yours informing Bleuken about that. It is our responsibility as bloggers and as contest participants to provide updates as soon as possible. Bleuken is not always there to watch over the participants.

    And, I am not picking a fight here Renan. Why did you think of that? Oh well, I make sure those I fight against with, I can beat them. I never pick a fight that I know I can be beaten especially if I know I have the point and my reason is reasonable. I don’t have to prove anything here. I am not claiming that I am an expert. I am just a blogger who writes well and is a very keen observer. That’s all.

    SEO is not really my thing. I just take this contest as way of new learning and meeting new bloggers.

    See, in a blogger’s point of view, as Bleuken said, I am not picking a fight. I never said anything bad when I commented that your entry is no longer accessible, right? It is a very healthy comment. Are you in some way taking it personally? I hope not.

    We have talked before and I tried not to say what I was supposed to say to you but if you’re thinking of something else, that is another story. You are a professional, right? So why not be professional. Peace!

  5. i send to you my article sir, is my entry now valid? thanks a lot sir

  6. Hi Bloggers of Captivating Capiz.

    At long last, officially been declared as valid entry for the Captivating SEO contest.

    I’m not a treat, I’m just a newbie. Good luck Everyone 🙂

  7. @renan, yes it is valid! I will update the list on Sunday, I’m redesigning the website of the school and at the same time busy w/ promotional items corporate gifts srednarb competition. If you have time visit me @ Lawa-an, I have something to clear w/ you!

    @Rein Valdez, please check your email for my response.

  8. Rein Valdez

    Sir bleuken,

    sir, I already edit the links and i already send the blood donation article. Hoping for the response this evening. thank you 🙂

    * It’s already to late for me but it makes me happy to join and to share what captivates me most to this CAPTIVATING CAPIZ Seo mini contest. 🙂

  9. @rein valdez, ic your from Roxas City too. Welcome to the contest! please check the required links it seems not shown correctly on your entry. Please correct this and send the requirements on or before the deadline. Thank you and Good luck!

  10. awts…nasipa ako sa top 1…ahaha…
    gratz gurl mingoton

  11. Hehehe la probs wla man ko gapangita away ah akon akon malang to..

    By the way this is my new entry for my new host.. http://renantech.com/?p=4

  12. @Renan Orola, pre I think Pwengbee is not picking a fight. She’s just pointing some facts here and I guess it is a healthy comment so don’t treat it as “Personalay”. You sounds like someone I know.

    By the way, sana ang ginawa mo before you transfer your account to another host, inexport mo muna sana ang mga content mo from WordPress as .XML para ma-import mo pabalik sa current host mo. Sayang entry mo! Then next time nga pala pinsana na lang ang imo comment para hindi magnilapta ang mga message so wa-ay ko gin-approve imo other comments 🙂

  13. Sorry mga guys and girls nag end na kasi ang hosting ko kaya ganon ng yari sa entry ko.. Pwengbee bakit dami mo kinakaaway wag kang magkamaling awayin ako ha baka makahanap ka ng katalo mo.. kung magaling ka probe mo sa contest na to sayan at nag end ang hosting ko bilbili uli ako ng host pero di na makahabol sa contest.

    Akala ng iba jan magaling sila di naman dahil ang layo ng entry..

  14. @cijo, thank you for joining and I have received your article. Yes you can submit more entries. I will just update the list of valid entries by Sunday. Good luck!

  15. @blueken , thanks for the reply . I have made the requested change and I have send in the article . Can I have more than one entry to the contest ?

  16. @pwengbee, I’ll ask him about this. For now if I can’t find that entry visible on his post, it makes his entry invalid. Thank you for that heads up.

  17. Oopps again, looks like I was wrong but here again, I noticed that Renan’s entry, http://renantech.com/?p=15, is not accessible. Maybe the server is down? I will check again later.

  18. Ooopps, rule #3 says that “On your blog, simply create an article …” but I noticed some valid entries are not blog posts but another page of the blog. Is this valid?

    For me, simply creating an article on my blog is like writing a blog post, not by making a separate page for a certain topic want to write about. Blogs usually have 3 or more pages namely Home, About, Contact and Links.

  19. Hi Cijo, but you should put the required links on the post not on the entire website/blog. If you could correct it and pass the required articles, I might approve your entry. Thank you for your interest. Good luck!

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  21. hi there! it’s been a while since i haven’t drop by here.. ooppss. surprise!! ang dami nla.. yehaa! gudlak sa n u lahat!!!

    btw, if you don’t mind, you may also drop by at http://www.visayasbloggers.com/ – it’s basically for us visayans!! join na rin kau jan sa capiz!!

  22. Sir hnd pa valid ang entry ko? naka pass na ako ng blood article ko ah.

  23. @babyface, the rules says it is not valid. All valid entries are listed and you will see it on the leader board if it is valid. 🙂

  24. sorry guys busy ko for the past few days hindi ko na-update lahat. pati blog sa Blood registry. Today sana kaya lang offline ang school walang mga dial tone ang mga telepono 🙂

  25. @master, di ko gets kahapon e..hehe sori po

  26. bleuken parang di muna in update and leader board ah.

  27. Bleuken – I have already submitted my Blood article but never saw it posted on the Blood blog. Can you explain why? Also, I forgot to mention about what you said that Wesson can change the post date to make his entry valid. I think it is cheating. Blog posts are not meant to change post dates once they are already published.

    Master – You know what, I wonder why you’re not revealing your real/brand name or even add a link to it, unlike me, Pweng Bee is my brand name and I link it to my blog. Are you hiding something? As what your comments said especially some offensive parts, it showed that you are pissed and maybe insecure.

    I do not care what the people who are watching this thread think, as long as I am innocent, so what? What’s with the “*** got tickled”? Your comments reflect of who you are and I can see that you are a person who doesn’t know how to deal such things in a professional way. I mean the offensive parts that you have said, so unethical.

    You think the ones you mentioned or talked about will be affected? I think they will not but instead there will be negative impression on your part. I know how the internet works man. And I know how to deal with issues related to this.

    You say it makes you glad to be copied but you’re pissed. Look at yourself in the mirror first before judging anyone. For me, I don’t have anything to hide and I know something that I prefer not to tell so that this controversy will not get worse. I believe in karma and the guilty ones will really suffer from it.

    Good for you if you’ll leave seo. Good luck with the one notch up move and hope you’ll not stumble and fall. I am sure you will be the Master of all Masters in no time. Being a master is not just believing that you can do better than others and look down to those who don’t. It is also a matter of how you interact with them.

  28. Sir bkt hnd pa rin na kalagay sa valid entry ang entry ko? I already submitted my blood article.

  29. masterofthe

    @ wesson,

    no problemo yan dude…it’s cool to copy just be careful kasi if other people discover you doing it there is a new rule on this, the millennium act so just be careful man..

    @ pwengbee,

    actually i’m not pissed, i’m just trying to lure whoever did it and if indeed there is someone responsible for this and now I know..HAHAHAHAHA.

    do you think people who are watching this thread would believe you that capiznon is just supporting you for no reason? that you do not know why they are supporting you? I bet you are the one who is really pissed now and your *** got tickled with the thought of me coming there….HAHAHAHA. do you think i don’t know how the internet works? PEACE MAN!!!

    why would I waste my peso going there knowing that even if I get what I want, there are really people who play that way. At least it makes me glad to be copied because that proves one thing ….PEACE!!!

    @admin bleuken,

    dude, sorry for my words ha. salamat sa fun ng contest na ito… I REALLY LOVE IT!!! sa mga professors at school na nadawit sa contorversy na ito…sana make your profession a dignified one… teach students the right thing and have them start clean if they want to enter blogging or SEO. Kayong mga professors ang foundation ng school and students nyo. I’m soon gonna leave SEO and move one notch up next year so adios mi amigos.

    BTW I am from Aklan where my father’s family live and I am also a proud Visayan, a Capiznon if I may call it so PEACE to all. It’s always fun and good to know what knowing what to do can do for you in times like this. Haaaay Buhay.

  30. To my everdearest Super Duper Masterofthe…

    Why is it that you are so pissed? If your entry dropped because someone copied it, then that would be a challenge to you, right? We are not perfect and we all make mistakes and break the rules if we have too even we know that we’ll get punished. That’s why there were white and black side of seo. I am sure you know that.

    I am an independent blogger and if capiznon.wordpress.com is linking to my entry, maybe because the blog wanted to support me. Who knows what?

    There are other issues that we need to pay attention to. I heard a rumor, etc, blah, blah, blah, etcetera, but I never said nor broadcast about it.

    You’re over-reacting man. Chill out. This is a contest. We have rules and invalid entries are disqualified. I am sure copycats will be punished. Going to Capiz just for this matter is so unreasonable. If I was the Governor, I will just laugh at you.

    I believe that screenshots are a good way to show proofs but they still can be modified. If you really are a seo pro, then you can handle such situations.

    Therefore, I conclude that seo contest is a dirty game. Maybe that was why I never had interest in seo until now. Ha! Ha! I just want to see for myself….

    This is not the only contest going on, if I don’t win, I don’t deserve it. There are still more contests with bigger prizes than this one. I do not want to be a trying hard expert. I do not want to go into cardiac arrest just for this.

    Lovingly yours,

    Pweng Bee 🙂

  31. im just a new comer a newbie, im erased those one..sori about that master…trying to explore this industry..sori

  32. @masterofthe, cool lang pre. try this, report the blog on wordpress.com as spam, it will be closed down immediately.

  33. masterofthe

    No. I will not inform them. I decided to come over to Capiz and ask the governor there or the come over to the school handling such event. I have all the screenshots and proof I need and I’m not sure if this is just coincidence, there is a linkback from Capiznon to “PWENGBEE” entry and you might as well know what that could mean.

    I am not concluding here, just facts and I’ am sorry about this Pwengbee, whoever you are but whoever owns that Capiznon blog should be responsible for this somehow because all the links of the one who copied my content lead to your site.

    If you are a professor (owner of the the Capiznon blog) you should have learned from the previous incident where a student copied my content and should have rushed to check on your students work but it seems this is another case of irresponsibility. I couldn’t describe this incident anymore.

  34. @wesson, of course as long as u follow rules.
    @masterofthe, inform capiznon.wordpress.com I can’t control this things like this.

  35. can i still join?

  36. masterofthe

    Talaga yatang kursunada akong ilaglag ng mga taga……..??? I don’t know but the person who copied my content this time did make an attempt to give a linkback but the thing is, hinaluan nya ng ibang content sa huli…. syndicating content is not supposed to be like that eh. I believe that this is another case of plagiarism na naman sa content ko and this time it was my top ranking blog naman about Philippines… NAIINIS NA KO at mukhang hinahanapan talaga ako ng butas para malaglag ang mga entries ko eh. Noong una yung 2 ngayon naman yung natitira kong nasa top ang kinopya. Ganyan ba talaga maglaro ang mga taga….???

    Haay buhay, wala akong masabi sa inyo sa kumopya ng content ko kasi it’s an obvious trick to pull me down. Put*** I** talagang kinopya lang ang content ko eh and mukhang galing na naman sa isang estudyante na kasama sa unang kumopya ng content ko noon. Not sure but I concluded based on the links in the sidebar. Sorry if I am wrong. HINDI BA KAYO MARUNONG MAGSULAT OR MAG-RESEARCH? NAKAKAHIYA KAYO MGA ESTUDYANTE KAYO NG F.A.

    Bleuken, just asking kasi I can see from the sidebar of the links ay galing na naman sa isa sa mga students yan eh. Yang professor na yan, hindi ba nya na- check ang mga works ng students nya, PUT** pag ako nainis pamamasahihan ko yan at tutugisin ko ang responsable dyan eh. I don’t want to be personal but it seems na talagang tinatarget ako eh.

    See the blog used (dated:September 15) this time and tell me if this is not an obvious SHI* —- hxxp://milezzzz.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/captivating-capiz/ from my content at hxxp://www.internetphilippines.com/travel/captivating-capiz-treasures/

  37. because someone told me that contest, and i started to optimize my post last 26, and im just a biggener in blogging..and its my first tym in getting into a contest

  38. @wesson, then change the post date. i wasn’t able 2 check the date but when I checked on your site last night I found out that the post was made on August and u violated the rules. if you want try changing the post to date after 9/9.

  39. kagagawa ko lang po un e, kaya lang di po napalitan ung post date ko po, pwede ko po pang e entry un?kaalam ko lang po nun 25 pwede ko daw po icontest ung sakin.

  40. @wesson, ops I’ve checked your entry and it violates rule #6 so it is not valid. Sorry!

    note: spammers don’t win they are banned!

  41. salamat po..

  42. Thanks.. oo nga e natabunan sayang mejo na late ako pero game padin. Ayus yan nagmamasteral ka pla pre goodluck!

  43. @weeson, i will accept your first entry but not the feedmap.net entry and you know why (if not, it is bcoz it is not a blog)

    @Dilson, i will use the query string: google.com/search?hl=en&q=keyphrase it is on the rule.

    @Lloydi, yes I will accept only post not the whole blog.

    @hneron, I received your article and i think it is not an article but a simple announcement please correct. It is not accepted.

    @miah, Thanks. please comply the requirement stated on rule #8

    @jwebz, yes your entry is valid. I will w8 4ur article. By the way I announced it on seoph kaya lang natabunan ng kay Alfred na contest 🙂

    Guys sorry for my late reply i’m busy w/ my reports on my masteral studies and I was not able to visit the site today. 🙂

  44. Pareng Bleuken ito ung entry ko pachek naman kng valid ba http://jwebz.com/sites/captivating-capiz-review/. Then send nalang ako ng blog about blood donation. Sana makaabot pa late na late nako hehe bakit di mo masyado inanounce sa seoph?

  45. bleuken may entry na po ako wehehe…

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  47. hello sir Felix, tanong ko lang po if ano gagamitin na IP sa pagchcheck ng entry po. is it the
    or any other particular google IP adress po?
    kasi po iba-iba ang ranking sa ibat-ibang IP. tanong ko lang po para fair sa mga contestant.

    Dilson Decano

  48. @C5 i will update the list right now. Thank you!
    @Sah kaya pa yan learn then succeed.

  49. sah

    ako, way behind na! hehehe… di ko naman kasi alam magseo.. panu nga ba? grabe ang daming time ang kelangan at suuuuppppeerrr dami ng research! badtrip pa tong smart bro! kakainis.. hehehe… kaya heto ako, nagaaral na lang ako magblog. 🙂

    infairness, kahit na di ako techy nageenjoy ako sa contest na to, hehehe…

  50. @C5, u don’t have to make another required blood article. you can send more post entries.

  51. C5

    If I have more than one entry, do I have to make another sponsored-required blood task?

  52. shempre nawala sa index yung post ko hahaha nasa sandbox yata.. or kung saan mang kalawakan… ano kaya nangyari? wala pa nga akong ginagawang seo efforts bukod sa onpage eh 🙁 haaaaayyy.. malas yata ako sa contests. lol.

    or baka naduduling lang ako? sayang article ko …

    goodluck sa mga participants.


  53. @C5, thanks 4d correction. I will update the list of valid entries later. Good luck!

  54. C5

    Oh, sorry. I understood it as “If you’re a special sponsor (whatever that entailed), here is your required task.” Might have been clearer if you said “Special Sponsor-Required Task” instead.

    Anyway, I’ve sent it to admin @ bleuken . com already and I’m thinking of blogging about it also…the blood donation, I mean.

  55. @C5, thanks for your entry but you still lack the requirement stated on rule #8. After you comply w/ it your entry will be considered valid. Good luck!

  56. C5

    Finally, after getting “quite” well from the flu and after having to reinstall wordpress due to some glitch, I’m ready to turn in my entry. In fact, this is the first SEO contest I’m joining.

    Captivating Capiz: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

    @master, congrats at sumunod din yung nag-plagiarize ng content mo.

    sige, tulog muna ako at today palang ako gumaling, eto’t puyat nanaman.

  57. @miah, ok lang dyan lang naman nagsisimula ang lahat e. sali ka para makapagpractice ka at natututo na rin baka manalo ka pa. At you’re learning SEO, joining a competition and improving the popularity of your new website. Hitting three birds in one stone! 🙂

  58. wow okay to na contest ah sayang hndi ako mrunong ng SEO eh? waahh.. gusto ko nga matutu nyan pra nman mging searchable blog ko wehehehe…. hhmm.. try ko lang? salamat sa bisita ha… 🙂

  59. In competitions like this, the most important part is to read carefully the rules. Good luck guys and hope you learn a lot from this competition.

  60. Sorry indi ko kasi nabasa ang rules # 4. I apologize for my invalid entry..

  61. lagot ka Renan indi kasi nagbabasa ng rules eh..

  62. @renan orola, because you violate the rules. Rules says that your domain (imo website bala e.g. domain.com o subdomain.domain.com) should not contain any of the key phrase. so bawal ang captivatingcapiz.com o captivatingcapiz.yourdomain.com. It also says na dapat specific POST so ang renantech.com hindi rin valid kundi only the post you made after September 9.

    READ the rules!

  63. bakit indi valid entry ko?

  64. Oops sorry I forgot..hahaha

  65. @renanorola, please read the rules carefully. your submitted url is not a valid entry and I will not accept it.

  66. Thanks jayl for joining. I will update the list of valid entries. Good luck!

  67. “@To all the contestants, the last date of registration / submission of your entries and requirements for the competition will be one week before the final day (w/c is October 19). Please be guided. FYI.” <—

    Bleuken, I think you should update the contest post with this FYI so that old and new participants will be aware of it. Not everyone will notice what you just FYI-ed and also to make the FYI official since this is a contest.

    Wohooo, my main page was on top for a few days and at last it dropped. This is really fun. Even if I won’t win, I enjoyed it.

  68. @hneron and @Tom, Welcome to the contest and good luck.

    @To all the contestants, the last date of registration / submission of your entries and requirements for the competition will be one week before the final day (w/c is October 19). Please be guided. FYI.

  69. Tom

    I’m now collecting my forces to join this contest. Just wait for my entry.

  70. I want to join this contest because I ant to develop my skills in this field and I want to help promoting Capiz

  71. James sali kana sa contest ang saya.. Napapalaban kami ng husto..hehe..

  72. James

    hehehe, saya ng labanan sa contest ah. good luck sa lahat. oy ang tblog ayan na pla. hehehe keep it up pre. go go go!!!

  73. masterofthe

    Finally, the copied content issue is out as well as my 2 entries. Anyway, it’s a surprise that this happened to quick and if I’m not quick enough to find out about it baka mas malala ang naging result.

    Salamat na lang sa taong gumawa noon sa akin at tinanggal na ang content ko at salamat sa effort mo Bleuken.

  74. sah

    let’s take a little break from seoing and look at the economic crisis happening in the US and how its going to affect us. 🙂

    @pwengbee: congrats.. rank 1 ka na today!
    @clawid: ikaw din number 2 ka na!! hehehe…

    ako sigurado ko di ako mananalo pero nageenjoy ako kasi andami kong namimit na mga filipinos. congrats sa ating lahat!

  75. Hello Bleuken, I decided to launch a new blog since PwengBee.com is not very related to the topic “captivating Capiz”. I don’t know how the homepage ranked in Yahoo or even in Google for the contest keyword. Maybe the caption I guess.

    I did not expect for this new blog to come out that way but that was what my mind speaks. So, here I am, submitting this new blog as one of my entries for this contest.


    I really worked hard for this. Ha! Ha! I hope you find the post very captivating. 🙂 Please do heck if its valid. Thanks.

  76. jayl


    hi. i had the same experience when i joined the CEBU SEO CONTEST last month. After i found that i have duplicate content, my rank went down… and God knows what else HE did with my site…. unlike you, alam mo necessary actions kung pano mastop ito… ako kasi noong time na yun hindi.. for 700php.. the hell?!?! haha

    i know that one can easily blackhat one site thus pulling its site down from the serps.. i just hope your issue will be resolved asap..

    goodluck sa mga participants…

  77. @byter, noted.

    @clawid, kahit anong blog ok basta post on or after 9/9

  78. Ask ko lang sir, pwede ba maging entry ang blog ko sa friendster??? Kasi kung pwede… i-ooptimize ko baka sakaling manalo..!!! 😀

  79. Sayang wlang time ang ogre team sa captivating capiz mini contest ni bleuken. Ogreteam are busy for other businesses so we cannot manage well the contest. Hope one of capiziño win the contest..

  80. Meron nga akong kilala na kinukopya din ang ibang content eh. Pero nagbago na sya ngayon. It is a plagiarism, which is copying the content of other. hehehe…

    I hope with this issue, it gives us a lesson especially in SEO when other is copying our content..!!! 😀

  81. masterofthe


    Thanks for the additional information. I immediately retract my statement and I’m sorry if I made a mistake concluding that it was a teacher in Capiz. Nevertheless, it’s an issue of responsibility on both sides in this case.

    I hope this stands as a lesson for all teachers out there who are supposedly there to monitor his/her students. We all know that if students were working on something dapat ay namomonitor ng teacher especially if it’s a work in progress for the class just like what Bleuken said.

    I’m just wondering how long it would take the person who copied my content to remove it from his blog, It’s almost half the day today they must understand how I feel about it.

    C5, thanks for the compliment on my content. It took me 5 hours to arrive at that content and I thank Google that even without any link building it stayed there on top until this came. THANKS for the help to all of you.

  82. What? A teacher? I hope that isn’t true. Oh, Mr. Master, I was born before Singing Bee came up, never been related to that show. 🙂 Anyway, I also want everyone to know, I have a contest going on my blog. I hope everyone could join after this contest.

  83. @C5, no prob anytime.
    @masterofthe, good news alam na ng teacher. paparusahan daw ung kumopya so cgurado na mae-erase na yun. sabi ko na student lang yun e. 🙂

  84. C5

    @bleuken, tnx for PMing Gurlalien. Sana ma-lift ang ban agad. First time ko ma-ban, di ko pa alam kung bakit. Sa seoph pa.

    @master kainis talaga may mangongopya noh. look at the bright side, maganda post mo kaya nya kinopya. 🙂 at di naman pala kasali sa contest eh.

  85. @Gurl, I did received it and send it 4 review. I will just update the list of valid entries tomorrow. Your entry is already valid, Thanks.

    @Sah, I think its a student’s foolishness just to comply w/ the requirements of their subject 🙂 just a guess!

  86. Sah

    naku plagiarism ito… baka naman kinopya lang para me matest sa seo? hehehe…

  87. kuya nasend ko na sa email mo ang special requirement na article paki-confirm lang, salamat po.

  88. @masterofthe, I disagree! I think the blogger who copied ur content is not a teacher in Capiz but I think its a learning student, who’s not aware of the consequences of copy & paste. I guess his teacher will inform him when they see ur complain. 🙂

  89. masterofthe

    Salamat Bleuken. I’m not sure sa personality ng gumawa ng plagiarism using my content but I think its a teacher in Capiz. I don’t want to name names kasi sobra namang nakakahiya ito. I bet kahit newbie blogger ka pa lang ay dapat na alam mo ito na bawal mangopya lalo na kung titser ka diba…. Teachers prohibit nga even in exams ang copying from from seatmates or even classmates…

    Nakakahiya ito para sa isang teacher and sana alisin nya na lang ang kinopya nyang content ko. I also read the Blogger rules and I don’t want to make any move muna to counter this person. I already got an initial knowledge of who he is aside from him being a teacher in Capiz in fact I can write agad a blog so just if I want to ruin his name but I wouldn’t. I just wish he will remove my content.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and tips from the admin ( bleuken ) and Pwengbee ( kamag-anak ka ba ni singing Bee? ).

  90. Master, master, have you tried reporting to Blogger? As Blogger is the host of the blog who “scummed” you. Scummed is just my own term for it.

    Then, report it to Google. Or, another way if the post is still not removed. Make a follow-up post about it, that you have been “scummed”. 🙂

    I think Bleuken is not considering scummers here since as bloggers, we know such rules about copying content without permission or linkback especially in contests like these.

    Anyway, you have the proof that the post is yours as what the date of post shows. Or maybe give the scummer a chance because not everyone in here is an expert blogger. Some may still be new to this stuff.

    This is just a locally hosted contest. Based on my experience from the Busby SEO Contest and Cebu SEO Contest, not everyone knows how to blog the right way. Cheer up! There is still a lot of time to catch up. 🙂

  91. @Sah, received your article and I included you already on the valid entries. See the updated list. Good luck!

  92. Sah

    hi.. i already sent the “blood article”.. i hope you can include my entry, thanks!

  93. @masterofthe, i already send an email response sayo re: sa complain mo and I already leave a comment to the mentioned website. i think you should report it to Google but I guess after they got my msg they might remove it. I can’t do about this. isa pa hindi cla contestant.

  94. masterofthe

    Waaaaah nalaglag na ang entry ko because of “Ronnel the plagiarist” !!!! I hope the admin, Bleuken can help me in contacting this “Ronnel” to have my content removed from his blog, otherwise I’ll have to take necessary action on this myself.

  95. masterofthe

    Hello Bleuken,

    I’d like to file a complaint on someone possibly doing copying of my content on the contest and who is responsible for this if this is true or if possible to have the content removed from the blog. It’s an obvious move but I do not want to conclude. I need opinions because that entry is right now ranking third in the contest.

    here is the plagiarist site: hxxp://ronnelfae.blogspot.com/2008/09/captivating-capiz.html …the guy’s name is according to his profile – “ronnel”

    here is my copied content location ….. hxxp://www.tipsparadise.com/travel-tips/captivating-capiz-places-to-visit/

    This is a serious plagiarism and I will not tolerate this as warning to those who wants to destroy their personality in the internet. This will be a mistake that is permanent on your name just in case… Thanks to the admin. i hope this gets published.

  96. @pwengbee, sorry hindi ko napalitan. change ko na.
    @C5, naPM ko na c gurlalien.

  97. Bleuken, you seemed to have an error in your leaderboard. I saw my name there but that was not my entry. It is Aiza’s entry.

  98. C5

    @bleuken, tnx! bigla lang akong natigilan kasi pagbalik ko sa seoph naka-block daw ang IP ko, and i wonder why….pwede mo bang matanong-tanong dun?

  99. @C5, Welcome aboard! wait ako ng entry mo, TY! 🙂

  100. C5

    sali ako! 🙂 baka sakaling manalo somehow…kung di man, experience nalang 🙂

  101. @Eligio, hi and thank u 4 joining. I’ll be expecting the other requirements. Good luck!

  102. thanks for the confirmation, bleuken. 🙂

  103. Mr. Mabangis, you really stand for your name. Why should you complain, it is a contest. And you are lucky if some participants will not be able to comply because that means you will have better chances of winning. Right?

    Google is very unpredictable and Bleuken is doing everything especially in validating the entries. And if you are not interested of the prize, why are you so “mabangis”?

    If some blogs that are not participating shows up on page 1 of Google SERPs, it does not mean that they are there just for this contest. Maybe they are just promoting Capiz.

    Besides, Bleuken made a list of participants, valid or not. To make sure the contest is FAIR and SQUARE.

    Goodluck everyone.

  104. @pwengbee, yes it’s valid. I already posted it on the List of Valid Entries. I will update the list on the leader board by 3PM today. Good day.

  105. You are welcome Bleuken! I was to excited and I optimized my blog’s homepage rather than the post. It is still an accomplishment though. But, I am making some changes now to play according to the rules. 🙂

    Anyway, I am submitting my second entry because I cannot see my first entry on the top 5 pages in Google SERPs. Well, maybe more seo then. There is still a lot of time.

    Here is my second entry post. Kindly check if its qualified. Cheers!


    Oh, by the way, I have a very intereting recent post on my blog about joining me as a team for outsourcing purposes. We can be an independent outsourcing company! Thanks!

  106. @pwengbee & @kouji, thank you for complying the requirements. I have listed ur names on the valid entries. Good luck!

  107. mabangis

    If you are good at it you will of course know if I am a participant ( IP right? ). The name says it and I do not represent anybody here, just myself. I am a lone ranger. I also think that I know who you are referring to when you said you know who I am representing. I think you are wrong about that. Anyway no need naman to introduce. I’m not after the price, just the learning and experience.

    Thanks for the update. I wish more will join in so that the contest will be even more interesting and challenging to all. Good luck to all the participants as well as you. the organizer and the sponsors. I hope to be on top soon.

  108. @mabangis, oo nga e actually I am planning to inform them that if they were not able to comply with the ‘special requirement’ by this week I will remove them from the pending contestants. don’t worry mabangis I will make sure that this contest will be fair and square. Thanks, btw I don’t know if ur a participant coz ur not on the list but I think I know who u r representing! 🙂 Good day!

  109. mabangis

    Wala bang update dyan sa mga ibang sumali na wala pa yatang dugo? Unfair naman for some of us who have been doing optimization late because we have to comply with the rules of getting to pass a blood article while others are also doing their work without any blood article pa.

    Is it possible to give others an ultimatum to pass their blood article within, say 1 day or 2 days after posting that they are joining the contest para transparent naman and fair to all. Others are already ranking which means they are doing optimization knowing that they do not have their blood articles yet… ???

  110. @clawid, Good luck!

  111. @Gurl, thank you for joining. Please send me the other requirements as soon as possible. Good day!

  112. @byter, thank you for joining and I received your article.

  113. The captivating capiz zinnia, is now officially signing in. Crawling…crawling…crawling…at the top of the Google

  114. @Sah, thank you and Good luck!

  115. Sah

    hi! join din ako! 🙂 bukas post ako ng article about capiz

  116. @Lloydi, you still lack some requirements specifically the article for PBR.
    @Amy, you’re welcome to join and hope to see your entry here.
    @Aiza, I received your article thank you.

    To Contestants, please do not remove the link code in your entries or put a nofollow on rel. If in case that you remove it during the contest period or I found out that you put a nofollow, I will DQ automatically he participant. FYI. 🙂

  117. Amy

    thanks for the invite…
    been hybernating for a month now…
    I’m planning to join the contest…
    I’ll post my entry this weekend 🙂


  118. @Lloydi, your submitted URL is not a valid entry. Read the rules for the reason. I will not accept it until you comply every requirement.

  119. @kleansy, please send me the URL of the post that you will use as ur official entry. Thanks pre.

    @pwengbee,thanks for joining, pls. comply w/ other requirements to make your entry valid. Good luck!

  120. Please consider me as a participant. I have sent my article already about the need for blood donation. Byahe na!

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  122. hello sir, i already post my entry at my blog


    i already sent you an email about articles on Philippines Blood Registry


  123. @angat, thank you for joining, please read carefully the rules re: entries to make your entries valid.

  124. @Lloydi, thanks for joining. make sure to read the rules carefully to make your entries valid. your URL submitted are not valid, refer to rule #3 & #6.

  125. @pwengbee, kung my time ka lang pero kung busy ka ok lang. I think we have different type of contest naman so I hope hindi conflict.

    yes I agree sometimes “they” are so in a rush that they skip on reading the rules… maybe just too excited 🙂

  126. Hello Bleuken, thank you for inviting me in your contest. I suppose you have read about my contest too. Anyway, I noticed that most bloggers do not read or maybe do not fully understand the contest details.

    Even though some are still fresh bloggers, they should read carefully in order to fully understand the rules and also for them to become expert bloggers.

  127. Wow parang napapaisip ako sa new contest ah.. 🙂

  128. @lady, yup i received your story already. I am planning to show the leader board on Sunday, it will be nice to see the rankings if there’s so many entries already, thank you lady … 🙂

  129. please provide data on the daily rankings of the participants…

    i will email my article about blood donation to you later..


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  131. @babyface, the result will be based on the query string specified below the key phrase

    @mabangis, there’s no space on the email address. I intentionally put a space to avoid email scrapers / spammers. 🙂

  132. mabangis

    let’s rock and roll !!!!

    one more question…how about the e-mail you have…………………..admin @ bleuken.com, is there really a space before and after the @ character? thanks again.

  133. Eto na poh yung entry ko Captivating Capiz
    BTW, anung google server ang pgbabasehan sa ranking?I mean, google.com ba or google.com.ph or something…pra malinaw lng…Ksi afaik, iba iba result ng bwat server..

  134. @mabangis,
    it should be a post or an article in blogs that is made on or after 9/9/2008 (as per rule #3).

    re: blood article, it should be submitted as soon as you register. I would like to ask participants to submit it as soon as possible. If we see that you are not planning to submit any article or not cooperating at all (and I think it is very unfair for the part of the sponsors) then we have the right to remove your entry or we will not consider your entry as valid. Please read rule #10.

    yes there’s no limit in post entries means that you can grab all the prizes if you successfully managed all your post entries rank on 1-3 as long as your entries are valid. Please check: http://www.bleuken.com/list-of-valid-entries/ for the list of valid entries.

    check-out time: read rule #2

    Thank you for the query, hope this clear things… 🙂

  135. mabangis

    Does the winning entry mean that it doesn’t have to be the home page to rank on the top 3 spots to win? This is for the case where I only have a subfolder post.

    Is there a definite last/limit time/date when we can pass the “blood article”?

    Does “There is NO limit on the number of entries/post you may make and submit” mean that even if I get all three top spots, I also get all three prizes?

    What about checkout time? THANKS A LOT.

  136. ah ayun… nagets ko na. ahahaha… sorry di ko nagets agad medyo magulo utak ko ngayon..

  137. @babyface, ang number 2 rule means that gumawa ka ng entry or entries to optimize for the key phrase and that will be your official entry for the contest.

    while ang rule #8 is a special requirement na dapat magsubmit ka ng “blood donation-related stories – facts or fictions” sa email ko to be posted (na ako ang gagawa) sa blog ng sponsor (purpose: para magkalaman ang blog ng sponsor). require yon b4 maging valid ang entry mo.

    One blood donation-related story per participant. Email it then to me.

    hope u understand… 🙂

  138. hi…. this is my entry Captivating Capiz..

    i still haven’t done number 8 requirement. Will do that maybe tomorrow. Has anyone submitted an article in compliance with number 8 rule? Would love to see the article.. thanks


  139. medyo naguluhan lng ako sa contest rules tska sa contest prize… ksi sa rule no. 2, “post anything” tpos sa rule no. 8, ” article about blood donations” nman.. Since ang cash prize is sponsored by Philippines Blood Registry, meaning inde pwde ang unrelated article. Paki linaw lng.. ehehe… tnx sa invite..

  140. @lady & Hussein, thank you for your interest. hope to see your entries later. Good luck!

  141. wee. sasali ulet ang talunan.

  142. Hi. Thanks sa visit. .. Hmmm.. cge join ako.. gawa muna ako nang entry… thanks for informing me..


  143. @Philler, thanks for joining! please don’t forget rule #8 after that, your entry will be considered as valid.

  144. Hi,

    Congratz, You did it!

    Seo contest again… Count me in. I’m from Iloilo. Ma intra man ako kay wla guid me ka sulod top 10 sa cebu seo contest. I’m just a newbie meg, nagjoin me to test and improve my seo skills paagi sa sini nga contest. hehehe.

    Thanks Guid!

  145. @webslave, we all start from being newbie (noob) but we can’t be like that forever right, so try mo lang. 🙂

  146. hi there! thanks for the invitation… i’ll see if i could.. hehe.. noob lng kasi me..

    newies, thanks again..

    i’ll try my luck.. as a less than noob heheh


  147. good luck to all the participants!

    sirshatterstar of kyubz.com

  148. Patay kayo sasali sphereteam dito 😀

  149. indi ko masyado ma get ano ang dapat i link sa entries?

  150. Count me in sir..! I hope we will win this contest together with my aiza! We are building a team so that we can win.

  151. @renan, please read carefully the rules to make your entry/entries valid.
    @ogreteam, thank you for your interest. Good luck!

  152. Join ako jan…hinihintay ko talaga to try namin ang ogreteam kung kakasa sa mga magagaling na seo

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