Nginx and Cloudflare: How to Detect Cloners, Crawlers and IPs with Malicious Requests?

The following are the steps I performed to catch the malicious IP that was bugging my server for the past few weeks. Please note that I’m using SSH to access my Nginx server and used Cloudflare as my DNS. Identify which of your sites is under attack. If you’re using one domain for your server […]

How to Make Government Sites Like COMELEC.GOV.PH Secure?

The recent hacking of the government site: leads to a lot of doubt if the agency is capable of conducting the computerized election securely. The 2nd attack that leads to the database leak that compromised information of the voters, added to this doubt. Damage have been done and it only proves that there’s a […]

WordPress Does Not Work After PHP 7 Update : Conflicts, Issues and Fixes

I have mentioned on my Facebook/Twitter post about the PHP 7 update and how I successfully compiled it after an error (see: Error Compiling PHP 7). After I restarted PHP-FPM, my site does not load anymore and shows a 502 Bad Gateway error in the browser. What I did to fix this is I […]