How to have your own .COM without spending your own money?

Honestly, I did not spend any money of my own to setup this domain You want me to enumerate the things I have done to make this happen? Well, I have spend something but not my own money but only “effort” and “time”. Here’s the things that I have done last year that made […]

Sicilian Scheveningen by bleuKEN

I really love playing chess during my free time. It refreshes my mind and try to move my brain muscles at the same time. It’s like chess is my gym work out for my brain specially every time I feel so stressed and burn out with work and the internet. I want to feature the […]

My Busby SEO Challenge Life

Busby SEO Challenge Life. This is my fourth time to participate in a SEO Challenge. The first one was the Paradise Philippines of the BayanihanSEO contest conducted by SEO Philippines. That was the first time I have join a SEO Challenge and I did not even reach page one for the said SEO contest. I […]

New Sets of Capiz Chess (CCA) Officers

The board of trustees of the CCA (Capiz Chess Association, Inc.) decided to change the current leadership and amended the CCA by-laws on election of new officers. The group decided to conduct election to restore the organization’s integrity. The following sets of officers were elected by the members of the Capiz Chess Association, Inc. for […]

I Join Busby SEO Challenge

Roxas City, Capiz Philippines. I officially announce that officially joins the latest Busby SEO challenge for the year 2008 brought by Busby Web Solutions. It’s my first participation to the Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) world cup competition and I’m using my new domain to participate the said “Busby SEO Challenge” keyword world […]