Blog Updates this Month

I changed my current theme to Hybrid News, the child theme by the Hybrid Theme framework. As you can see, has a simple new and professional look now. I am still revising the WordPress theme so that it can provide several features such as sticky post and featured articles. I am also working on […] Hacked!

I’ve checked on the official website of the province of Capiz today after the internet connection came back and it seems that it was hacked by someone with a code name “netroot.” You can see from the image below that the site was “polluted” by some links of different pornographic website. (see on the image […]

Google Err on January 31, 2009

Just a couple of minutes ago, I’ve seen that almost all the keywords that I am searching in Google were all marked as harmful. I’ve seen all the search results were marked as “This site may harm your computer.” I thought I have a malware on my PC or another Google Hijacker penetrates my computer. […]

Embracing e-Prescribing

The government announced today that the people can buy cheaper medicines from selected government pharmacies and local government units (LGUs) of the country which is according to what I have seen on the news today. Aside from this, the only improvement in the medical services of the government that I have known as of today […]