Chromium OS Project Announced

About a half year ago, Google announced its new operating system project called Chrome OS. Today, prior to the release of this new operating system to netbook users, they’ve released an open source OS code named Chromium OS. It is a project that “aims to provide fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people […]

Google Chrome OS Introduced!

An upcoming lightweight and an open-source operating system from Google was announced today. They call it as “Google Chrome OS,” which is the natural extension of their previously released browser: Google Chrome. This new operating system from the number one search engine company today will be possessing the same quality that the company was known […]

Latest News About Windows 7

What’s up with Windows 7 today? It is not yet officially released but a lot of its build can be found on torrent sites already. I myself have downloaded it, not from torrent but from Microsoft’s official build and installed it with my new MSI Notebook. I am using the Windows 7 Build 7000 and […]