There is a saying that “two brains are better than one” and “together we stand and divided we fall”. Quotes that shows how important it is to do something in group or in team. SEO or search engine optimization is a tasks that involves a lot of time and effort to perform. An individual joining a big competition like this is not possible to succeed if he is battling with a battalion of SEO masters with his only two hands as his weapon to fight them. A partner or a team mate is really necessary to this kind of challenge. In Busby SEO Challenge, me, I’ve been fighting for two months already to overcome my opponents on the said competition. I’ve been alone for that period. Not until now that the Filipino SEO community declare their support to the excelling participants. Giving their 100% post contents supports with great strength of their prowess to give a jump to the rank of the challengers.

This cause my entry to immediately rise from the sticky top 18 and currently reach top 14 of the rank. Setting a high record for my entry on the Busby SEO Challenge which is a first time to me. This cause me a lot of joy because I know that someone from my country is backing me up to succeed. I’m pretty sure that by the end of this challenge even if I will not win, this people will recognize our effort made for this one. Next time we will definitely be identified as one of those people who contributed a lot to the improvement of the SEO industry in the country. We are making history guys right now and I believe that this is a chance of a lifetime. A chance that no one should be taken lightly but instead give his best shot to grab it. It is an opportunity and our destiny. It is our honor not for ourselves but also for our country.

Now, I’m taking this opportunity to thank all those Filipino Busby SEO Challenge supporters. My heartfelt thank you to all of you!

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