Won an Apple iPod Touch Again from Busby

I participated on the Busby SEO Test but I was not able to fully focus on the international competition because I prefer to participate in a local SEO competition in the country (which I successfully succeeded last December 2008). Now, the competiton of Busby Web Solutions already concluded last January 31, and I only officially […]

Advantages of Joining SEO Contests

Do you know why I always give time to participate small to big time SEO competition despite the win is not predictable and the waste of time is inevitable, like the Busby SEO Test and the others? It is because I’ve seen some real benefits that it can give to your website. Specially if the […]

Busby SEO Test – A Test of SEO Skills from Busby

My Busby SEO Test Participation. I am a search engine optimizer for more than a year now and within this life in SEO I have learned a lot about the craft. What I am doing right now to update myself from different changes in SEO techniques is that I continued to participate to different SEO […]

Captivating Capiz SEO Contest Result

Here’s the final and official captivating Capiz SEO Contest result. The following entries are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively: 1st Gurl Mingot http://mingoton.blogspot.com/2008/09/mingot-in-captivating-capiz.html (P3,000) 2nd Masterofthe http://www.internetphilippines.com/travel/captivating-capiz-treasures/ (P1,000) 3rd Renan Orola http://renantech.com/2008/10/11/captivating-capiz-sinadya-sang-halaran-festival/ (P1,000) Please send your bank account details to admin @ bleuken . com to send the prizes to you on Monday or […]

Why “captivating Capiz”?

You may wonder why I chose the key phrase, “captivating Capiz” for the mini-SEO contest. You may think that the government of Capiz asked me to spread the battle cry “captivating Capiz” to the whole world. Honestly they never contacted me or asked me to do this things. I chose this key phrase for the […]