Today, I’ve heard on the news that Pacquiao will be facing Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. after his fight with Ricky Hatton. Actually Pacquiao vs Hatton match result is not yet known but Arum is already announcing his next fight. I thought Pacman’s fight with Hatton will be his last fight and it seems that it is not the case. A lot of boxing analysts disagreed about this Arum’s plan of match because they find it to be mismatched.

Well let see what will happen with the current match and let just see how the People’s champ perform in his match. What can say about this Pacquiao – Chavez Jr. match, do you think that it is possible or it is a mismatch?


  1. bunjing

    i think manny will blow the head of chavez JR…

  2. Greg

    i think that manny does not have what it takes to fight chavez jr or juan manuel marquez

  3. carlos

    im from mexico , and we all are fans of chavez and chavez jr , but i know chavez JR is not on the level of manny and maybe he never be.. in this days the only mexican who can KO manny its marquez ,

  4. oscar is better than chavez jr, i think many can still control d fight. go go go!!

  5. kochy09

    chavez is gonna knock out pac man paquiao

    1. It is possible. A lot of boxing analysts think that so. They see it as a mismatch because of Chavez height and reach.

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