Here are some of the funny suggestions of my friends on how to safely use the Note 7 with the current “catching fire” problem.

  • Use the phone inside a ziplock filled with water.
  • Buy a fire extinguisher and make sure to bring it with you every time you use your note.
  • Don’t charge it while you’re sleeping or use a charger with a timer that automatically turns off when fully charged or set into a certain percentage which I don’t if such charger exist.
  • Hold it using your favorite mittens and make sure its fire and heat proof.
  • Use it at your own risk just make sure to get a proper health or life insurance.
  • Buy a strong titanium vault and place the NOTE 7 there charging while you are sleeping. Also buy one for your SUV so you can charge it on the go.
  • Buy a fire proof and explosion proof NOTE 7 casing.
  • Install a fire sprinkler inside your bedroom and focus all the water to the phone.
  • Bring a human shield to use the phone for you and make sure he protects you if something happens.
  • Don’t use it anymore and put inside a pedestal where you can see it everyday while waiting for the new NOTE 7S (S for SAFE).
  • Get the iPhone 7 Plus (ha ha ha… I will not!) and give the NOTE 7 to your “favorite friend”

If you have any funny suggestions, well bring it on!

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