Oh my, Google will be releasing this September 2 U.S. time their very own open-source browser. They named it as Google Chrome. As the official blog of Google entitled: Fresh Take on Browser announced which I actually first read from Nihar’s Post: http://www.niharsworld.com/2008/09/02/google-browser-google-chrome-is-releasing-soon/, this new browser from Google will be designed as faster and robust it can. It uses a different approach in browsing the web. Instead of using a single threaded browsing, they plan to make a simple browser that uses multi-threaded architecture but later it is revised into multi-processes browser architecture. I am so excited about this new browser of Google and I will definitely download its beta release whenever it is available (which according to them by tomorrow). Honestly I am a Mozilla Firefox fan and same as Nihar, I will be one of those who will be comparing Chrome’s features to Firefox.

I will try to update this post regarding this new browser from Google after I downloaded it tomorrow. If you want to read more about the said browser, you can read the comic book that Google provide to explain its fancy features and capabilities.

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Competing with Firefox’s sluggishness

15 years ago

I’ve been using this for two days alreay..but I still love firefox 3

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