You might be looking for a quick guide on how to invest in the stock market in the Philippines and I will share to you on how did I started investing for as low as five thousand pesos. Of course, I read a lot of stuff from various sources and watch videos about stock market before I jump to this one. Some of the topics I read was the story from Bo Sanchez ( and the videos shared by Pesos and Sense ( like the video shown below.

Video from PesosAndSense

First, I choose COL Financial Group, Inc. to be the online broker (you can select other online brokers from Philippine Stocks Exchange website). They have these various types of investments where you can start investing for as low as P5,000.00 and this is the account type that I selected.

Here are the steps to follow to start investing:

  1. Sign up an application form (which you can download, fill up and sign from HERE.)
  2. If you are a Filipino investor, prepare a photocopy of a government issued ID and the most recent billing statement which you need to attach to your application form. For non-Filipino investors, check the website of COL Financial for more details.
  3. Submit the form and requirements to COL Financial at 2403-B East Tower, PSE Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605. If you’re not near Pasig City, you can send the forms via mail or couriers like LBC.
  4. Wait for an email from COL’s sales officer containing the status of your application and the account number.
  5. After receiving an account no., you can fund your account to start investing through the online banking facilities or over the counter services of BDO, Metrobank and BPI.
  6. Once you received your account no and password, you can start logging in to the website of COL Financial via where you can see your fund and start buying shares.

What are you waiting for? Start investing in the Philippine stock market! The earlier the better… of course my advice is that you need to read and watch more stuff about stock market first before engaging to this.

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