HTC HD2: Windows Mobile Touch Phone
HTC HD2: Windows Mobile Touch Phone

A friend of mine yesterday told me that he wants to buy this new phone called HTC HD2 instead of waiting for the Blackberry Storm 2. He told me that it is much better compared to iPhone or Blackberry. Sadly, according to him, it is not yet available in the Philippines.

According to the official press release of, they will be releasing the said phone this month (October) or early next month in Europe then after that (which might be next year, max), it will be spread all through out the region (so wait mode for Philippine gadgeteers).

Here are some of the great features and specification of this new Windows phone – HTC HD2:

  • Operating System: Windows Mobile® 6.5 Professional w/ HTC Sense
  • Dimension (height x width x thickness): 4.74″ x 2.64″ x 0.43″
  • Weight: 157 grams
  • Display: 4.3″ touch screen, 480 X 800 WVGA
  • CPU: 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • Memory: ROM=512Mb; RAM=448Mb
  • Connectivity: 3G, Wifi, GPRS, Edge, Bluetooth
  • Camera: Autofocus 5MP Colored Camera with Dual LED flashlight
  • Battery Capacity: 320-380 min. talk time, 390-490 hours standby time, 8-12 hours video/audio playback.

For those who want to see the “big” difference between iPhone and HTC HD2, here’s a video comparing this two phones:

Now for the price, there’s no any digits yet revealed in the Philippines. But my guess is that it might cost somewhat the same with iPhone or much higher.


  1. Josiecar Doroja

    i have htc phone and i love it very much, i can customize everything. specially the fonts, the background in the message area, you have everything you need in the market and most of them are free ehehehehe……..”PERFECT” i love it

  2. paul

    i have an HTC HD2 , bought it in london..kailangan lang naka line ka para lahat ng features magamit..

    1. dadik0ol

      My HTC HD2 is arriving next week thru Smart retention. Free @ plan 2500. Excited na ko 🙂

  3. jun

    i have ordered one of this phone in the US….it is working here in the philippines?

  4. angel

    where can i purchase this in the philippines? and how much?

  5. mina

    does the background change also like sunny and stuff? does it know that its in the philppines?

  6. Roberto Madarang

    The best phone I have ever had. customizable. Every thing about it is good.

  7. myk

    @bleuken. Nice work! thanks for sharing it’s really informative. I am now loving the HTC HD2, before, I was aiming for Iphone but I am now willing to wait until it become available in Philippines.

    1. @myk, a friend of mine order last week a HTC HD2 from eBay Singapore. I will let you know the updates about it next week.

  8. ted

    did you know that there are a lot of red flags on your post?

    I have heard about this Windows powered phone the other month but I am not expecting about this one.

    I personally love to have an iPhone but its too luxury for my case. (too luxury??? use the adjective function instead)

    I am afraid that I might lost it or damage it like what I have did with my iPod Touch

    Sadly , according to him, it is not yet available in the Philippines.

    As per according …

    I am expecting that this phone might be distributed by the Globe Telecom in the Philippines. .

    …there’s no any… (you’re kidding, right ???)

    it would’ve been better if you just referenced the URL where you copied the review/specs of the htc model instead of adding your own story as an opener.

    finally, whatever your position in life or in work, have your editor proofread and/or edit your work first before you publish it to the world. there really is nothing more embarassing than a major faux pas.

    1. Hi Ted, thank you for the corrections and advice. I don’t have an editor to proofread or edit my work – I can’t pay for it! 🙂 I am working on my writing and trying to improve it. The reason why I blog is, I want to share some things to the world and even its embarrassing to write it in a way that will not impress any English proficient writers/readers or whatever, I still continue to publish it. But Thank you Ted, next time I will try to write topics here with less red flag. 🙂

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