ipod-touch-busby-seo.jpg It’s almost two weeks after the release of the Busby SEO Challenge by Busby Web Solutions and I started to realize that I’ll be reaching a very high goal. I began to loose hope and started to give-up with the said SEO challenge. It’s because my entries on the said SEO challenge are all falling its rank. Does it really mean that I can’t really bypass great SEO expert from different part of the world?

I’m kind of man that don’t want to justify things just to get away with “losing idea” but now I think I have enough reason to accept that I can’t really win this kind of “big time” challenge. One is I have very young domain in my hand hosted in a shared IP address. I single-handedly optimized this site which mean I’m the only soldier of this crusade against a thousand of well-equipped SEO fighers from other countries.

Well, now what’s my plan? Instead of taking part of the said Busby SEO challenge, well I’d rather dream for the smaller prize which is the iPod Touch from Busby Web Solutions which is the prize given to those with higher recommendations who signed-up for the said Busby SEO Challenge. I might have a chance! 😀

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