Today when I visit Busby Web Solutions to check on the changes on their Busby SEO Challenge, I’ve seen that they already posted the leaderboard for the said SEO Challenge. Actually a certain SEO team also develop their own top 100 daily statistics of the entries for the said keyword. Specifically the Sphereteam from France (i guess!)

Well one thing is still missing on the said SEO contest and that is the place where you can register your Busby SEO Challenge URL entries. Maybe Busby Web Solutions is still working on it so I better wait for it to happen and then report it here when it happens.

The said Busby SEO Challenge leaderboard can be found at Thinking of cheap web hosting? Try either powweb or the newer netfirms.

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16 years ago


just to make sure theres no confusion: www(.)ranks(.)fr is a tool that can be used by any webmasters to get there site’s google position. So we’ve designed a special page in order to follow seo contests that look fun.

We for sure have contact with the sphereteam (which is french!), we can give an hand some times, but we are not part of the team. We just extract every day position for this contest from google.


Good luck to you for this challenge!


PS: we’re out this challenge, as usual…