Fight Update: (03/11/2015) Watch the online live stream of the official weigh-in of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight event below. It’s one day before big event and everyone is already excited! 🙂

The press conference of the mega fight Mayweather vs Pacquiao begins on March 11 and you can watch the live stream of the kickoff conference below live at 4:30p ET/1:30p PT via Youtube live stream. The said press conference is the start of the road to the May 2 fight.

(02/21/2015) Finally, after several years of negotiations, requests and series of fan and money may trash talks, the fight is here for us to taste. Mayweather vs Pacquiao will be happening this May 2, 2015. It was announced by both fighters in social media: Shots and Twitter. Later, I will make a dedicated page for this fight to give you an update on what is happening on their training and the other details about the big match< . (01/10/2009) There's an information today that I found from Bleacher Report about the negotiation transcript of Mayweather's camp to save the fight event. (01/07/09): Bad news!!! The negotiation failed and there will be no Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. This is after the mediation session failed to resolve the differences of the two fighters. Tsk, the richest fight ever just won't happen. I don't know if it will in the future. If not Mayweather, who will be next? Write your reactions below regarding this fight.  (01/03/09): Good news guys! Bob Arum now said in a news that he is willing to meet with Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer next week and try if they can work out something on the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight. There's a possibility that this Monday or within this week, Judge Weinstein, the same judge who assisted in mediation with Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions in the past, will be mediating between the two camps with Pacquiao's lawyer and Mayweather's party. Well, we can expect some development here and if everything goes well, Pacquiao will start his training in LA Wild Card Gym next week and expect for the mega welterweight bout to happen. (01/01/09): Bob Arum gave up the idea of Pacquiao vs. Maweather megafight and shift to negotiating with either Yuri Foreman (WBA Super Welterweight champion) or Paul Malignaggi (former IBF Junior Welterweight Champion). On the other hand, Pacquiao file a case against the Mayweathers (Jr., Sr., Uncle Roger) in connection with their accusations against him on using performance-enhancing drugs. Its a fight not on the ring but on the court worth $75,000 fine. Tsk, what a waste! (12/27/09): Recent news from said that Mayweather's camp just back-off the USADA or Olympic style drug testing. They are expecting that this will make the fight to continue. Ah, I am really getting tired of the "push-pull" negotiations and I will just update this post when they finally ink the contract. (12/24/09): No more Mayweather vs. Pacquiao? They are opening the possibilities of Pacquiao vs. Foreman or Malignaggi vs. Pacquiao and I don't think it will be what the fans want. Let see what happens after the holiday. 12.23.09 - Drug Test procedure requirements of Mayweather might hinder the much anticipated Pacquiao vs. Mayweather superfight. He wants the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) test procedures instead of the usual method. This requires a blood to be taken from the fighter which Pacquiao don't like. Tsk, it will be such a waste if this thing will got in the way. (12/14/09): I previously said that the fight is confirmed. Bob Arum suppossedly will officially announce the fight today and it seems that it will not happen yet. Maybe this is because of the issues involving the final place to hold the fight. I am in waiting mode right now. I will just replace this update when the official announcement comes. (12/8/09). Its confirmed! Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is on and set to happen on March 13, 2009. Location is still undecided but Manny Pacquiao prefer to fight at Las Vegas according to a recent interview.

“Fight Mayweather!” This is the shout of the boxing fans around the world after Manny Pacquiao (50-3-2, 38 KOs) won against Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico last November 2009. It is expected by a lot of boxing analysts and been said that there are no other qualified fighter to fight the pound for pound king, other than the number one of USA, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (45-0-0 25 KOs). It will be gigantic fight as two best fighters of the world will clash to prove themselves that they are the best of their worlds.

On a recent news Pacquiao and Mayweather already agreed to fight in a 50-50 split share on the $50 million up front and Bob Arum of Top Rank promotion is just tuning up everything before they officially announced the exact date and location of the upcoming fight. It was previously reported that the tentative fight date is March 13, 2010 and there are 3 locations that they are considering to hold the fight, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, MGM Grand Garden Arena and the New Orleans Superdome. On a separate report, Freddie Roach said in an interview, that he personally don’t like the date as he feels that the date is too soon for the boxer. He said that Pacquiao suffers some injuries on his previous fight and the political plans of Pacquiao will surely be distracting his training. “If they want the best of Pacquiao, it will be after the election 2010,” he added.

In my opinion, it will be much better if Pacman will be fighting after the election. In this case he will be more focus and will really be very prepared to face the undefeated Mayweather Jr. I know everyone is excited already to see them both on the ring but if we really want a good fight then we should see both of them on best shape and that is not before the election. However, it is up to them if they will pursue with the date. If in case the match will happen, we will be here to witness this much awaited fight of the year.

Later, if you want to watch this fight, there are a lot of options to do that. It is either you buy a subscription on HBO PPV (pay per view) and watch it at home on your TV or get a ticket and watch it live on the ring. But if you want to watch it online on your PC, its either you sign-up here or wait for my update on this post for links to watch it in online streaming or on SopCast.


  1. Troy Townsend

    I suspect Manny Pacquio leads with his weak foot as his left to me seems not to have as much effect as his right does and he seems to ackwardly stumble from time to time.Disregard this post if he does not.Ambidextrious People, if not a myth tend to muddy the waters ,because one cannot tell if a succesful fighter does not use Ambidextrism as an excuse not to follow what is known as common, theoreticle, sound Fundamentals but rather fights the way that feels comfortable to him and being that he is a succesfull fighter,it would prove to be next to impossible to convince them other wise, although not every one agrees on what is true fundamentals,Common fundamentals tells us that leading with the strong leg means that if forced backwards fighters would be left standing on their weak legs, hence Pacquio’s stumbling from time to time.Reasonable thoery would be to try and back such a fighter up with strong lefts on to his weak leg then finish him off with a strong right,just the opposite if a southpaw.this of course will not happen because Mayweather has poor defense and does not consistantly throw power lefts ,his jab would not be strong enough to back manny up onto his weak leg ,Pacquiao’s Speed and power is just to much for Mayweather to sneek in a powerfull right wich he does posses and win the fight so suspect Manny will run and Jab all night and Pacqiao wins a decision

  2. fhel virtudazo ranada

    in short gayweather is really scared to face manny pacman because he knows the boxing who could damage his ugly face and knock him out is no other than d pound 4 p0und king and best boxer in the world. why gayweather not willing to fight MPacman
    now he agrees on olympic style of drug testing.dont used ur big mouth and talking racist against the respected boxer and a respected public servant to his people(congressman)..u have to come up and face d 8 world different title division d only pacman, to prove that ur not afraid to fight manny pacman pacquioa.or else i will ask bob arum the promoter to arrange the fight between you and me although i’m unknown boxer but make sure f u fight me dont run and run like a stealer ok.bye see u in the ring of fire.

  3. landix

    the negotiation was going when suddenly mayweather himself demands of extra random drug testing. he has fought several fights in the ordinary routine of drug testing. why he is now demanding another method? surely he is scared of how manny defeated all the welterweights mayweather himself can not do in similar fashion.

  4. roberto

    pacquiao! take the test and let’s get it on! it’s not only him who will take the test but mayweather as well. pacquiao is just scared. he is just making excuses.

  5. I agree with all who have comments on Mayweather is scared right now. Nothing more…

  6. ARDON

    Manny is a coward. blood test is fair dahil sila namang dalawa kung si manny ay nagsasabing manghihina siya , si floyd hindi rin ba. dalawa silang sasabak diyan para mawala ang mga pagdududa. ok ba…………….?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. edgie zamudio

    as simply as that..mayweather is a faggot! He is my idol but with this one..oh man! He’s got to be a real man.

  8. AL

    It is true that Floyd Mayweather Jr. HAS NEVER BEEN DEFEATED in his life.
    The THRUTH is: FLOYD IS SIMPLY AFFRAID OF PACQUIAO. If you dissent my opinion, it’s your choise.

  9. rynner

    mayweather is using illegal drugs called xylocaine he started using it when he fought castillo it was illegal in 24 states of US. then he cheated marquez by putting extra weights wow what coward boxer.

    1. Where did you get the information man? Is that true that Mayweather uses illegal drugs to win? Do you have any evidence for that?

  10. mateus

    i think floyd mayweather jr is very affraid to fight manny pacquiao because mannny has a normal ordinary power than him no bias . mayweather jr if a real fighter he would face manny to fight !!!don’t coward!!!

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  12. kencar31

    i think wispers of manny doping have been around insiders for years.And for all you fools who think floyed is scared watch another sport.floyd never for a second planned on giving up the 25 million dollar purse this fight promises, even if manny is doping.and anyone who thinks a man who was gonna walk away from 25 million because of random testing isnt doping is probably on dope themselves.this was floyd’s way of putting manny on front street and raising the dout did cotto get beat by two cheaters.i think the gloves were loaded illegaly in both his losses.but floyd is not scared he’s gonna get in the ring and do what he’s always done make you relize the guy you thought was the one to get it done agianst floyd dont even belong in the same ring.

  13. Pacquaio is one of the good boxers fighter in the world and also Mayweather Jr. why should they not try to fight on March 13, 2009 – in My Opinion i think Mayweather Jr. is afraid to fight Manny because of the energetic extra ordinary power punch of Manny. And highly motivated boxers extra high endurance and good combination punch in his opponent.

  14. bongki

    who’s dave lahr?

    never heard of you man!

    your like gayweather,how much did he pay to you?yes gayweather is smart,magulang!every fight of manny is classic,never say about gayweather?were not entertained in his hit and run tactics.yes 40-0 record of hit and run.tell gayweather,stop all this delaying tactics of blood test blood test,let them square in the ring.prove himself and fight pacman toe to toe,let’s see who will kiss the need eyeglasses when you say pacman is badly beaten by the face of both fighters.from 7th round,cotto starts to hit and run also,and i think manny can stand up to 20 rounds,in fairness. cotto is a true figther,sadly he was struct early by typhoon pacman.

    prospero ano,


  15. boxingfan

    mayweather is a coward..

  16. raymond

    i new Floyd Mayweather Jr was scared. he should be. this will be the first real fighter he would face.

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