I really love my new hosting! For the 2nd time around, it handles the spike in traffic that happens to my site during the fight of Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey. I am currently using BLUEHOST. There’s no problem when the traffic kicks and come to think of it, I am hosting two sites that generate high traffic on the same date. I usually have a problem like this on my previous shared hosting (HOSTGATOR) and makes all my site under the hosting inaccessible.

Bluehost throttle features really do the magic plus I shift to another page caching plug-in in Worpdress. I previously use Super Cache plug-ins but since I encountered problem using it on my other site (I don’t know why) I shifted to Hyper Cache plug-in. I found it much faster compared to Super Cache with much simplified interface.

Thank you Bluehost and now I am not afraid of the traffic anymore.

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14 years ago

are you sure ? Hmm… I thing hostgator is better than bluehost. Start from Bluehost only allowed 50K files under 1 Acc. As a default, caching plugins generate so much files for caching. Of course its depends of a things taht you need to cache. But just one quote for me, becareful of your cache plugins 😀